Anyone for Cricket?

Sports, another title achieved from the list provided for #2021picoftheweek provided by Maria Antonia

Cricket has been played here, on Swardeston Common, since a time immemorial. Alas, it was the wrong day to catch them in play.

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10 Responses to Anyone for Cricket?

  1. Cricket is one of those sports that remains a mystery to me. (Actually, football–American style–is also a mystery!) I read a book that revolved around cricket. I liked the book but never understood what was going on cricket-wise!

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  2. Dale says:

    Cricket is one of those sports I’ve yet to completely understand!
    Lovely image, though.

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  3. provides a perfect explanation of cricket from time stamp – 4:23

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  4. Preetish Kumar Chanda says:

    Hey please check out my posts also and pls follow

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