CCC135: Sitting Up

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #135

Look at them. Look! Think themselves a cut above, always sitting up.

Now, Mum, you know that’s not true.

No? Yet they sit up on their horses, sit up on their wagon when they go into town. And you saw them at harvest? They sat up at that table while we “humble harvesters” sat down. We sit down. Sit down by the fire, sit down while we mend and make do, sit down with the company of our own kind. Sit down. While they sit up.

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20 Responses to CCC135: Sitting Up

  1. Tien Skye says:

    I love your wordplay on sit up and sit down!


  2. Sadje says:

    Ha, important distinction, sitting down and sitting up!


  3. Lol. Good one, Crispina


  4. Dale says:

    I guess one would notice this more when one is reminded of our differences…
    Hmm. I can’t help I am sitting down in this office while many others are sitting up…

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  5. Nan says:

    I like this Crisp! I feel the class differences in this writing, not sure if you intended that or not. Good writing!

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  6. Nan says:

    Or you can read it here:
    I watched as the riders galloped down the road, leaving me in the dust. My brothers were sitting up tall and strong in their saddles, their worn dirty boots swinging in the stirrups against the horses’ flanks. Why did they leave me here on my own, I wondered? I could sit a horse, tall and strong, just like them! I can ride and gallop, just like them! It’s just not fair. I sat up, and wiped my tear-stained face. Sniffing away the rest of my tears, I got up and shook out my skirts. Momma will be mad, I thought. I got my best calico dirty. I’d better get back to hanging the laundry, before they come back and tell on me. Stupid boys!

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  7. GHLearner says:

    This is a great observation.

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  8. I like the way you clearly draw those class distinctions in just a snippet of conversation Crispina.

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    • Thank you. Although inspired by a scene in my current wip, your comment now has triggered a memory that might have been lurking. My grandfather was a horse breeder; when first married he had a rising school and stud farm. But he was also a gambler and by the time my mother was starting school, he had lost his horses & house on a turn of a card. My mother felt that *come down in status* keenly. The family should have been *up* on horses, instead they were down *on the ground*

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  9. Nan says:

    Thank you!

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