Out Riding Yarmouth Rodes

3 May 2021

First to explain Yarmouth Rodes: this is the sea between the beach and Scroby Sands where ships wait for the return of the tide to enter the harbour. And that’s what I thought this ship was doing (it being low tide). I was most surprised to see what looks like dredging equipment. Or is it a fairground ride?

Whatever its purpose of presence, the photo qualifies for Up Close, another title achieved from the list provided for #2021picoftheweek provided by Maria Antonia.

You don’t think it’s up close? Here’s the first photo I took. It’s the ship on the right.

3 May 2021

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12 Responses to Out Riding Yarmouth Rodes

  1. It’s got to be a fairground ride! What fun πŸ™‚

    (Nice that you included the second photo for a comparison.)

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  2. Dale says:

    It does look like an amusement park on a ship!

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  3. Brian Bixby says:

    Just imagine, a sea-going amusement park that stops at isolated islands and oil drilling platforms at sea.

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  4. I do like ships, we get dredging ships on the river. If I see a weird and wonderful ship I usually look up the name to find out what it is and we can also find out when ships will be berthed at our local port, when they arrive and when they leave.

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  5. I wonder if it has dodgems on board, that would be fun on a bumpy sea πŸ˜€

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