Sunday Picture Post: After the Storm

Last weekend (26th & 27th September) was rain and winds and more rain and yet stronger winds. By Monday (28th September) the wind had blown itself out taking the rain clouds with it. Time for a walk. Marriotts Way, out of Norwich, ought to be dry-ish underfoot. I made an early start…

St Lawrence’s Steps, Norwich: 📷 28/09/2020

📷 28/09/2020

The Wensum usually runs clear and clean. Not this day.

River Wensum. Red. 📷 28/09/2020

And I thought this was the worst of the damage…

Riverside walk through the trees: 📷 28/09/2020

Autumn colour: 📷 28/09/2020

I was hoping for autumn colour. This was it…

Autumn colour: 📷 28/09/2020

… until I took a slight detour and found this…

Old Man Willow: 📷 28/09/2020

… and this…

Windblown Willow: 📷 28/09/2020

Morning exercise: to climb over this willow… oh, and another… that was blocking my path

Wind-wrecked Willow: 📷 28/09/2020

These willows usually stand 3′ from the river…

River Wensum in flood: 📷 28/09/2020

The tiny Tud had burst its banks. The Tud feeds into the Wensum, the Wensum feeds into the Yare and the Yare flows dangerously close to my door.

Floodwaters, not a pond: 📷 28/09/2020

By mid-morning, a misty-rain was veiling the land.

Costessey… 📷 28/09/2020

I didn’t mind the mizzle; look what it did to this

Web, hips and rips: 📷 28/09/2020

And here I found colour…

Autumnal oak: 📷 28/09/2020

I found fungi too, and I took a second, shorter walk before going home. But those photos must wait for the Tuesday Treat.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this brief view of a rain-sogged Marriotts Way

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12 Responses to Sunday Picture Post: After the Storm

  1. Sadje says:

    A nice nature walk.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SRIKANTH says:

    Wonderful pictures 👍🤝

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dale says:

    Very much enjoyed. Am preparing my own self to get out there, though our high today will only be 9C

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yea. Always a surprise or two. And if it’s a gift of nature, then it’s a treasure


  5. Willows are relatively rare here – I think almost all of them are cultivated – but they have a special feeling for me. Downed willows make me feel really bad, possibly because it reminds me of the willow my great-grandmother (never met her) planted. It got killed in a tornado.

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