A River Crossing

When out in the Norfolk countryside, away from the towns, BEWARE, for one might find a river crossing the road.

Shotesham ford, SE of Norwich: 3rd May 2019

On the Road, another title achieved in Maria’s Antonia’s #2020picoftheweek

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68 Responses to A River Crossing

  1. Dale says:

    Oh my! (That would have made a great CCC prompt!)

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  2. Oh boy! There certainly is a lot of water on that road! I guess you’ll need some rubber boots?

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    • It’s a ford, and there’s a footbridge beside it… which is where I’m standing to take the shot.
      We still have a lot of fords in this part of Norfolk, although some are what you might call bad-weather fords… i.e. the streams only flow after heap-big wet weather. But this one is permanent.

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      • I’m glad you had a footbridge!

        I’m not aware of too many fords around here, but there may be more out in the country?? There is one place I know that has one in a place where we hike. (I’ve seen kids wading in it. I’ve seen trucks drive through it!)

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      • I’m sure there are many fords once away from the towns. We find them in the villages, on roads that take very little traffic, where the powers that be have decided it’s worth the money to build a ford. That had been the situation with the bridge photo I posted last week, until some few years post WWII (I don’t know what year, but I have memories of the remnants of the ford being visible when \i was a child. )


  3. It’s a lovely, lush spot! Back in Ontario we had spots like this, “heap-big wet weather fords” as you call them. Here, only a city building out and altering the natural water drainage would result in a permanently underwater road, and a really dry summer will bring the road back again.

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    • There is an under-road river in the next village to this; I’m not sure it ever appears above the road. It’s an almost forgotten stream which often disappears altogether further upriver. Then, when you haven’t your wellies, it’s there.

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  4. If I came across that in one of my walks, I’d think “Mosquito hot spot” and walk away, haha.

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    • Oddly, even when I’ve walked across the very marshy common (that lush field you can see) the mozzies weren’t too bad. Horseflies tend to be the problem.
      Though along the road from me their is a much overgrown broad (called Upton Fen) which was the last place in England to host malarial-carrying mosquitos. These days… beware the horseflies. Nasty things. I believe they’re better known by a different name,but it slips me.

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  5. I hope that this is all over soon so that I can come to Norfolk. We have a boating holiday booked for August and I’ll be so sad if I don’t get to go.

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    • Well, broads cruising is by it’s nature, social distance. Until you moor up for the night and hit the pubs! I hope you get your holiday ok. The Broads are beautiful, and best seen from the water.


  6. Ohh, I have never come across such an incident before!


  7. I’ve come across fords in Northumberland. I remember years ago getting stranded with friends for ages because we drove through one and it soaked the engine….


  8. Looks like a nice friendly river. I’m sure gad it’s nothing scary like a chicken.

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  9. Or a leg with it’s chicken tied to an Elephant!

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