I Have the Power

A farmer’s wind turbines, while in the distance pylons carry power from the National Grid. To my mind, the photo qualifies for the title: Technology

A farmer’s personal wind-farm: 8th October 2019

For details of #2019picoftheweek challenge see MariaAntonia

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25 Responses to I Have the Power

  1. It definitely does qualify as technology.I used to thing of wind turbines as a constant, ecologically responsible source of energy — until I discovered how many birds are killed by those big blades.

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  2. The government of Ontario,back in the 60’s, went big into nuclear power and build several plants. They encouraged people to give up oil furnaces and go with electric heat, supposedly ecologically superior. Sadly the negatives have surfaced, like power plant shut-down time, the costs and difficulty of disposing of nuclear waste. Now electricity in Ontario costs three times more than in some other provinces, even with Niagara Falls. 😦

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  3. Dale says:

    I would definitely agree!

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  4. Excellently done Crispina! πŸ˜€ ❀

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  5. Judy says:

    Couldn’t help but laugh at I Have the Power….reminded me of when my boys were little and watched He-Man on TV. Only he had a sword not wind turbines. They would run around the house reciting I Have the Power! LOL

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    • Wow. Yea, I can get with you laughing at that. Though I was thinking more of the song. Not sure who did it. but not the one google just gave me. I think it was a woman, during the disco era. πŸ™‚


  6. Violet Lentz says:

    Indeed it does. I love those windmills. They have a hard time using them in California, people complain it ruins their views? Wish I had one in my view.

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    • Visually I like them, but evironementally they’re a bit of a problem to birds. Don’t remember the figures, but birds do collide with those blades.


    • Oh, and they make a strange whumping noise, and a high pitched crackle. But then, standing beneath the powerline strung along the pylons, there’s a weird sensation, and a pronounced crackly sound. Cows won’t graze beneath them, I’ve noticed.


  7. Yes, that works well for the technology prompt. I like the grouping of three AND are those power lines in the distance?


    • The landscape provides. It was a serendipity find, and not at all what I was going to do for the title. And, ironic, the mill with its decaying millstone that I used for *Decay*, I’d toyed with the idea of using the mill for *Technology*… it’s not above 500 yards away, and this was only the third time I’d walked out this way.

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