Asaric Tales e-book Update #18

Another month has slipped by and what have I done?

As far as the Asaric Tales (The Spinner’s Game) is concerned, not a great deal. Though I have been busy.

It has taken me the entire month of April to complete a copy- and line-edit for my critique partner and cover designer, Lauren Willmore. I had seen the first draft, but since then there have been amendments and improvements as it passed through various beta readers. And now … wow! I am in awe of her ability to weave intricate storylines and to handle multiple viewpoints. As to the concept behind her book … all I can say is, here is something to rival George J.J. Martin in scoop, and Robert Jordan in complexity. And this is only the first of a planned four books.

But, to return to The Spinner’s Game

Asaric Sons (Book Four)

This went out to beta readers at the beginning of March, and most of those readers have now returned the completed questionnaires. However, two remain outstanding. Of these, one was a late-starter, and the other … will receive a nudge.

Asaric Sins (Book Five of The Spinner’s Game)

Meanwhile, I’ve been looking at the last book in the quint, at how to improve it. I’ve made notes. I’ve replotted. I’ve cut, pasted and deleted—and left huge gaps. And now I’m eager to plunge into the rewrite. I was hoping that would be ready for beta readers by July. Perhaps it will, though I’m thinking more the end of July rather than the beginning.

This might read like nothing has moved since my last report, but that’s not the case. The return of the betas’ questionnaires, and the prep-work for Book 5, have been vital to future progress.

The next e-book update will be … Sunday 9th June.

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10 Responses to Asaric Tales e-book Update #18

  1. The entire process requires a great deal of patience. Three longer writings of mine are patiently waiting for me to bring them some TLC.

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  2. Lynn Love says:

    It’s the long view, isn’t it? I was very impatient early on to improve my writing, to scribble down novel ideas – to be published. Now? Well, much as I’d love to be published, I know there’s no point rushing these things. The book’s ready when it’s ready (and it is close!) but it also has to fit in with work, family, home – being in the garden in spring! The work will get there and goodness knows you’re hardworking and dogged enough to get there. Well done with it all and looking forward to that launch date, whenever it comes 🙂

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  3. Good luck getting everything together! And wow – a 5-parter! Nice job!


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