Asaric Tales e-book update #10

Asaric Tales update 10

September already; the year is closing on these updates. My first was 9th December 2017. So, what has this month brought, how much achieved?

Asaric Lies (Asaric Tales Book One)

It seems to have taken for ever, but in fact it’s under the year. On 18th August 2018 I made the last amendment Asaric Lies and with a sigh of relief tucked it in multiple storage against the day I’m ready to publish. And when will that be? Depends how long to takes to bring the remaining four books to print-ready state. But progress is definitely made.

Asaric Axis (Asaric Tales Book Two)

I’d like to thank those readers who have returned their comments and critiques for their speedy responses. Reading through them I see they’ve highlighted two troublesome issues which need (hmm) slight adjustments. But, problem: do I attend to that before moving on, or do I wait until everything’s in? As of today, there are two beta-readers with comments outstanding, and a kindly critiquer who says she’s about half-way through. I’m hoping all three will deliver before my next update. If I had nothing else to tie my time, I might work on it straight away. But since there’s another three books … yea, I think I’ll wait till the end of the month.

Asaric Skies (Asaric Tales Book Three)

At the last update I reported that I’d completed the read-through, chapter analysis and first revision of Asaric Skies and while happy with the plot, this third book is word-heavy. I was going to attack that this last month but then got waylaid into the final amendments for Asaric Lies. I’m glad that I did.

Meantime I have claimed my prize for hitting target in Camp NaNoWriMo back in April: the Windows version of Scrivener. (Please, when is the new version to be released? From the videos I’ve seen on YouTube the Mac version aces the Window’s version on every count.) Great, I thought, I’ll import Asaric Skies into Scrivener, and use it to identify the places where redundant words lurk. All very well, but first every chapter and every scene must be named. Ho-hum. Long story, but in the process, I went deeper into the analysis with the happy result that I can now see where to apply the pruning shears. So this is next on my agenda. Prune Asaric Skies.

I hope to have completed my gardening job by the next update, first weekend in October. I hope all the readers will have made their returns by then. I hope thereafter to work on the final rewrite of Asaric Axis (Asaric Tales Book Two). I hope I will still have keen beta-readers to help me with Book Three. I hope these hopes aren’t ‘some hopes’.

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