A Makeover for Crimsonprose

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Five years of blogging, time’s come for a makeover. And I don’t mean a new header, though that will come. And I don’t mean a new WP theme, though likely there’ll be one. I mean a complete overhaul. Five years ago, I started with a purpose—to get my work ‘out there’, even if only one person saw it – (thank you BB of Sillyverse for faithfully following and in the process becoming a much valued and supportive friend). But having achieved that target I wandered into a kind of morass. No longer sure of where I was heading, I ambled along, tra-lah-lah-ing a tuneless song. Until now. Because now I know where I am heading.

I’m going to publish Feast Fables as an e-book

FF Header 2016Three e-books, it being a trilogy.

I published the first episode of Feast Fables on Thursday 27th December 2012. I published the last on Friday 26th May 2016, having increased the frequency to two episodes a week. During that time I also posted:

Can of Worms— time-slip mythical fantasy (Asaric series)
Neve—time-slip mythical fantasy (Asaric series)
Priory Project—a time-slip sci-fi/fantasy (Asaric series)
Alsalda—mythical fantasy (Asaric series)
King’s Wife—mythical fantasy (Asaric series)
Roots of Rookeri—an off-world fantasy/romance
Chronicles of Mideer—fantasy

By the way, the link to the Feast Fables blog site will disappear from the sidebar sometime soon. My apologies to followers of that blog for I’ve not posted there since June of last year. Also I haven’t included links to the chapter menus of the above fiction cos . . .  so below.

I’m not sure how long it’s going to take for me to prep three books each currently standing at 150k+ words. And first there’s a rewrite to do, and a word-by-word edit, and then I’ll be needing beta readers. I hope some of you will answer my call.

a tidy-up at crimsonprose

Meanwhile, in my spare moments, I intend to give this blog a good shakedown. Start from the first post and work forward.

dust or dump

Some posts I’ll dust off, clean up, polish and maybe repost. Some I’ll shunt over to my Google+ site. While others, the naff ones, will be unceremoniously dumped.


I’ll look at the Categories. Add some, delete some, and generally do whatever is necessary to make finding a specific topic . . . easier. Ditto tags.

buttons and connections

Yep, I’m going to add some buttons to my site, at last! I want to make it easier for readers to share my posts. And while at present, apart from Google+, I’ve no other web-presence over the coming months that’s going to change.


Which brings me to this:

My aim now is to publish my fiction as e-books.

This means no more full-length stories on crimsonprose. And since the stuff already posted is now ear-marked for e-publication, with the (in some cases major) rewrites required, I shall be removing the originals from this blog.

Don’t panic! I shall be deleting the earliest fiction first (That’s Neve), and slowly working through. And I shan’t delete anything for some months as yet.

Also, I’m sure there will be some fiction left on crimsonprose—excerpts from that above list, given an edit first.

What then will be left on crimsonprose?


Photography is one of my prime loves, coupled with days of rambling through the Norfolk countryside with its wild flowers, and wide vistas with huge overarching skies, and otherworldly reflective waters. I love the changes that the seasons bring. These things I like to capture in pixels. And the results of this love I love to share with you. So, the photos remain, along with those yet to come.

Leaves and Fungi, image of autumn

Leaves and Fungi an image of autumn. Photo taken 1st Nov 2017, Whitlingham woods


My next love is history—or rather the research involved. But here I intend to manacle my wrists. It’s too time consuming to run along the e-book project. Those posts already written will remain, but better organised into new Categories.

Silly Rhymes

I hesitate to call this poetry. Most are silly ditties composed with my hands in hot water, washing up. Some of these might find their way into Google+, along with new and better illustrative images. Though those moved will also remain on crimsonprose.

On the Door/Thoughts

As Categories, these are what they say. Thoughts. Notes to myself made public. But of late I’ve not had time to post any new ones (Not had time to think?) Maybe that will change as I progress. Which brings me to this:


A new Category is about to be born where I shall keep you updated on my progress with the e-book project—e.g. where I am in the rewrite; what I’ve found needs extra attention and why. Problems. Discovered solutions. The whole kit-n-k’boddle.

Recent Posts

This past Wednesday saw the last episode of Can of Worms. This last fiction offering will remain on the blog for quite some time yet. While I’ve added the link here, it’s also available on the top menu.

There is one more post yet to complete for the History of Saxlingham series. I hope to get that posted by next Saturday at latest. As I said, the history posts are time-consuming. Also, they tend to grow as I’m writing until they far exceed my intended wordcount. Yet these and the Silly Rhymes attract the most traffic, even five years after posting. Also, it’s these that are most likely to be reposted. I shall not delete them.

Thus, my promised announcement here is announced. In the coming weeks, months—years—I shall do my best to post at least once a week.

Keep watching, keep following, keep liking.

I thank you for your support across the five years


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15 Responses to A Makeover for Crimsonprose

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    Sounds as if you’ve hit a point where the rethink was well worth it. Flagging enthusiasm is one sign. Wondering what you’re doing it for is another. (The two are often paired, of course.) Now you’ve done rewrites before, so THAT will not be the surprise it is to some authors. Although, with so much in your universe, some cross-connections and modifications might be necessary and/ or desirable.

    I congratulate you on rethinking your strategy and purpose here. I’ve been feeling the need for something similar over yonder, especially as I’ve been through the squeeze of elder care these last two years. I suspect it will take me until the end of the year to get my own head on straight. Lucky for me TRTLB is already written out to its conclusion in March.

    And you know where to find one beta reader.

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    • crimsonprose says:

      I do thank you for that offer, I shall definitely take you up on it.
      My plan is to do the full rewrite first, all 3 books, There;s some tweaking to do with Kerrid, and I want to speed things up, Okay so the story will still unfold against the changing Mesolithic through Neolithic background, but there;s no need to labour it. And yes, the Younger Dryas does intervene, but that only needs to be seen as climatic change in the demon’s control, Stuff like that. And yea, it’s going to take her a while to work out how to predict eclipses, but I don’t need to tell the reader exactly how long . . . I think the same can be said for several overstretched periods.
      Good luck when you time comes. And you’re right of the process at which I arrived here. But the final push was reading my father’s war memoirs. Look, he can do it, so why not me. I know he’s been writing (for his own amusement) since I was a kid. I remember finding a manuscript, hand written, in caps, no less, and definitely not intended for my young eyes!

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  2. Joy Pixley says:

    What a monumental undertaking you describe, and what a worthy quest you are setting for yourself! I am so happy to hear that you’ll be revisiting these stories and putting them into e-book form. I think you’ll find a much larger audience that way, and you deserve that! And what a great incentive to go back and revise, too. (I always need a LOT of incentive to revise, myself.) If you already know of some places where you can speed up or cut scenes, all the better — I do adore your writing, but 150K x 3 is a lot to ask of any reader. When do you think you’ll be ready for beta readers? I am a bit hesitant to offer, I’m ashamed to admit, because it’s so long, and I’ve got so many other unfinished projects of my own. But then, that will certainly be the case for everyone else when it’s my turn to be looking for beta readers, too — when do ANY of us have a couple months of free time lying around? Ha! Besides, it will give me the excuse to read the whole thing. 😉 I prefer to do my online critiques and beta reads through Critters Workshop, because then I get “credit” for submitting my own stories, but that’s something we could talk about later. Email me when you’re closer to ready. ❤

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    • crimsonprose says:

      Thank you for your support and well-wishes. On the subject of beta readers, I wanted to get all three knocked into shape before I launch into that stage (there’s a lot of admin work involved on my side of it)., Then when I’m ready I have to decide whether to work 1 or 2 chapters at a time, then the reader answers a response form, or whether to send out an entire book (no, not all 3 at once) and ask for response at the end of each chapter. Either way, the idea is to get that response chapter by chapter, not wait for the end of the book. It’s less of a task for the reader, and best to respond when all is fresh in mind, and it means I can be analysing results while more is taking place.
      But when? Progress will be faster once I’ve finished the last of the history posts (a bit of monster, that one, grown and grown and grown). Also, during the winter months I’m less likely to go off trekking, camera in hand. Which means. also, less time spend processing photos. So concentrated work. Maybe ready by summer, maybe by autumn. I do surprise myself sometimes with how fast I work.
      I shall definitely contact you when I’m ready to gear up. And I don’t see it as a full-time task for anyone. 2 chapters at a time, and a questionnaire. A couple of nights, maximum. Then you get the next lot. Work at your own speed. And if you find yourself too chokka with work, that’s fine; just let me know.

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      • Joy Pixley says:

        I would really prefer to read the whole book at once, personally. Maybe not all three, but each book in turn. The last book I beta-read was 140K, so 150K is definitely doable. That way I can offer feedback on the important big-picture issues, like character and plot development, theme, pacing, foreshadowing, etc. I find you can’t really assess the first chapters until you know where the whole book is going. My method is to take marginal notes as I go, so you can have my first impressions of what lines worked and didn’t and what I *thought* was going on at that point (and also so that I can remember later). I also take ongoing notes on the bigger issues, then at the end, assess the full picture and write up substantial overall notes. This kind of intense feedback isn’t for everyone, though, so if it’s not what you’re looking for, I’d understand.

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      • crimsonprose says:

        No, that would be absolutely fantastic. I was following advice received, not having done this before., but if you can guide me to other methods, great. BTW, the first book is likely to come out at under 100K. I’ve moved what was Act III to become Act I of Book 2. Suddenly, wow, it’s working so much better. Only now Bk2 weighs in at 200k. But that’s before the rewrite and the severe edit it’s to get. Bk 3 currently runs at (oops) 230k. That does need attention. There’s a whole section that can be zapped,, just layered back in as flashbacks if needed. But that’s still way-way ahead of me. As I’ve said in this post, I shall be giving periodic updates, just to show I’ve not fallen asleep on it. Though I’ll have to carefully word it not to give spoilers. Though a few sticky carrots never hurt.


      • Joy Pixley says:

        Oh goodness, those do sound long! Maybe you really have four books here? It depends on how the plot arcs are working, and where you can get the climactic scenes and dramatic endings in there.

        Yes, there’s clearly a lot of variation in how people give (and seek) beta readers. I think those questionnaires are great for people who aren’t sure what the writer wants or needs from a beta reader, because a lot of writers complain that their beta readers give almost no useful feedback, just “I liked it” or “It felt long.” I have never had the problem of giving too little feedback, ha ha! I think it makes sense for the two people to discuss what each one expects. One thing I like to do is to give preliminary feedback on a couple chapters, and see how the writer responds. If it starts a useful dialogue, then great, I’ll devote time to the rest of the book. But some writers (especially young ones, I find) are overwhelmed and really were not looking for that much feedback, and some interpret any substantive criticism as too critical. They really only wanted trivial line edits and compliments. In that case, it’s best if I don’t spend all that time no the rest of the book!

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      • crimsonprose says:

        It’s been out on the FF blog, so it’s had all those gratifying, confidence-building remarks. Now I want the truth. I’d rather take a harsh word now that to have it out there, an embarrassment to me. As a fellow writer, I know you would add suggestions as appropriate. And it’s great that you really do know what you’re doing. I have to confess, though I know of writing, it’s this after-thing that’s all very new to me.
        In respect of dividing to 4 books instead of 3, no can do. There’s no place in Bk 2 to cut it. The arc is right, structure is right, it’s balanced, it works, but only because I’ve transferred those extra chapters from Bk 1, where they didn’t belong. Can Bk 3 be cut? I haven’t yet had a damn good look at it with that in mind. I shall over the coming weeks. It kinda hangs on MPs though MP of Bk 2 isn’t the MP of the trilogy (Bk 3 being 2x as long as Bk1), But go slicing that last book into 2, and there’s the structure weakened. But all thses numbers are what they are now, and are what they came out at in the blogging process. I anticipate cutting a whole load of that, hopefully evenly across the three books.

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      • Joy Pixley says:

        Well, I do try to avoid being harsh, although my students might tell you differently… Giving good critiques is a skill all of its own, I know. I have the advantage of all those years of teaching and coauthoring, both getting and giving critiques on research articles, dissertations, etc. which is (surprisingly to me) quite relevant to understanding fiction writing and story structure, and vice versa. I have also been lucky to benefit from some great critique partners who I have learned much from, one in particular, to the point where I often ask myself, “What would Sue say?”

        If the structure is telling you that Book 2 is one book and not two, then listen to it; you’ll have to find some other way to cut it down, possibly cutting whole minor characters or subplots (ouch). Same for Book 3, it sounds like. I wish you all the best in dealing with your revisions.

        And good luck with your blog re-structuring too!

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      • crimsonprose says:

        I had no idea of this background of yours; am I remiss in not reading more deeply into your blog. But it does explain much.
        And I do know where things can be ‘tightened’, shall we say, without too savage an excision in both these books. I keep going over bk 3 in my mind. And I still have all my structure notes, scene by dripping-sweat scene. I know with some of those scenes I’ve noted ‘veracity’ as validation for inclusion. Those will be the first to go.
        And also the blog restructuring. But a little at a time. It seems after the all-but total brain-ream I received back in 2006, that pulsating blob is finally back to par. Eager to embrace technology again; eager to work every hour of the day. Seems I’ve plugged myself into the circuits again!

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      • Joy Pixley says:

        You didn’t miss anything – I just don’t talk much about my “real” life on my blog. I’m happy for you that you already know places that can be cut; that really is half the battle (or more). And I’m extra happy that you’re feeling like your circuits are all plugged in again. Full power on, straight ahead, let’s go!

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  3. Judy says:

    I am thrilled to read of the pending changes and that you will pursue e-book publication. Your stories and writing are well worth it and need to reach a wider audience. The first thing I ever read of yours was Neve and even without the background for it, absolutely did love the characters and story. I discovered you a bit late for Feast Fables and never really delved into that part of your presence being filled nicely with the ongoing current projects. I have certainly read very long trilogies by various authors and you know me, mostly need to start reading and not stop. Installments one would call that binging, but for a full length novel or even novella, reading straight through is the thing to do.I see so much in much of your style that falls into more than one category, from myth to fantasty to scifi. I mean you are a world creator and the depth of detail I suppose is blamed on you nature and the reason you excel at histories and genealogies too. Lots of rich depth.

    Guess I’d better get my Can of Worms binge going before it is too late. Even though you may consider me a presold money paying customer once that time does come.

    I know the writing and rewriting and molding into book form will be time consuming but so worth it and I am excited.

    I’d be pleased to be a beta reader too but can only offer a reader’s opinion as I am most assuredly not the editor type. In fact the few times I have been asked by anyone to offer real critique, I forget as I get into the story and only gigantic grammar things that jump right out tend to be noticed…or not.

    Ahh well, this news is excellent. How life as evolved with the advent of WordPress and the fact that you regained your health again…..new world!!

    Never doubt your brilliance (not hyperbole either) or uniqueness in story telling, lyrical description, and characters with original voices.

    You go girl!!

    Your future paying customer,

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    • crimsonprose says:

      Your assessment of my skills is duly noted, and stored against days when my confidence flags. I thank you, Judy, for that.
      I thank you, too, for the offer of being a beta reader, when I’m ready. And don’t worry, I shall make it as easy as possible for you, with inclusion of easy to answer question sheets at the end of each chapter (while it’s still fresh in your head-but not too many questions cos I don’t want to cut in when your in the zone.)
      I’m eager to get started . . . on everything. But I’m still working on that last of the history posts (truly a labour of love; several threads of my family history began there). Also, I have to remind myself; it’s those posts, and the walks and the rhymes that pull in new readers from the wider web. No one googles for a story I’ve written. And once here, to check out whatever, here’s everything else. Least, I think that’s the way it might work. Certainly that ‘Chap’ in his ‘Red Cap’ still gets loads of hits, as does the ‘Black Sheep’ and the ‘Green Children.’ So I must not grudge the time taken to complete this post. Besides, mistakes are more easily made when in a hurry.
      Again, I thank you (And Joy and Brian) for your support. And I’ll try not to keep you all waiting too long. 🙂


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