Something Slightly Different

This week has seen the conclusion of both the long-running Feast Fables—the first episode posted end of December 2012—and of Alsalda, the third Asaric tale to be serialised here on crimsonprose (along with Neve and Priory Project).

There is yet another Asaric tale waiting in the wings to make its appearance but I’m holding that until late summer.

In the meantime, to misquote the Monty Python team, “Now for something slightly different:” a new weekly serial, The Chronicle of Mideer, begins Tuesday June 14th.

Weekly serial Starts Tuesday 14th June

Weekly serial
Starts Tuesday 14th June

In the Western Ocean are set three lands:

  • the semi-tropical Macara, host to bands of hunter-gatherers
  • the technologically advanced and populous Glyntland
  • and between them the feudal lands of Madjaria—where a prophecy waits to be fulfilled.

The king’s daughter,
one such has never been born before,
shall unite the three lands

The king’s daughter is Mideer; her chronicle an account, written for her priests of the Dark Gods, of how she proceeds.

So, until Tuesday June 14th . . . . perhaps you’d like to browse my trees.

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6 Responses to Something Slightly Different

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    The Asars will keep for a while . . . after all, they’ve lived thousands of years! 😉
    And congratulations on finishing two grand stories, double-time. What schedule will Mideer be on?

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    • crimsonprose says:

      Thank you, again. Mideer is scheduled for once a week, and it runs 14 weeks. (An almost short story, by my standards.) I want to get out for walks as much as I can this summer, so I’m keeping my schedules light. Plus I shall be going to the library and Record Office in Norwich quite a lot—which is where I’m off to today (once I’ve had breakfast).
      But there are likely to be more trees; trees and water. I discovered a magical little woods yesterday with a stream running through it. Which adds to the one discovered a fortnight ago which I intend to revisit when the honeysuckle’s in bloom.

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