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Evolution of an e-book [1]

Couple of weeks back, when I wrote of my plans to publish Feast Fables as an e-book, I promised regular updates on progress (see A Makeover for Crimsonprose). I now realise if I wait the month round I risk my … Continue reading

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It’s Official

When fellow blogger Brian Bixby of sillyverse emailed to say he’d be in France this late summer, how would it be if he detoured to England so we could meet, I confess, despite the friendship that had developed between us, … Continue reading

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The Parish Hand

Recently I was given a book, a review of handwriting, the styles and the way they’ve been taught over the past two centuries. Then, in an email from a friend, she remarked on how she missed the handwritten letter, missed … Continue reading

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Fantasy Names

It is a cliché that character and place names in fantasy fiction should be ‘strange’. The more distant in time and space, the weirder the names. The reason isn’t hard to divine. Unfamiliar character and place names helps to set … Continue reading

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Mixed Blessings Of A Winter Bug

It’s common knowledge that Christmas through New Year is mating season for viral bugs (at least in the northern hemisphere). Everyone crammed into shops and onto trains and buses; the coughs and sneezes that spread diseases while we’re busy buying … Continue reading

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The Librarian

An unusual short story. Distraught, that’s what she was. Distraught at the very sight of this, these wicked piles of utter disorder. What had happened to cause it, this chaos? But whatever it was, it wasn’t her business to worry … Continue reading

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This Year, Next Year

WordPress ‘Stats’ tells me that crimsonprose is now one year. Yippee, light the candles candle! And since it’s traditional at the turn of the year to review the past and make plans for the future, this I will do. Last Year … Continue reading

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Awaiting Ragnarok

Hey! Toli the teller of tall tales here with a story of Anglian origin. Cos I am an Angle, see, not a Saxon. It’s those Normans, they can’t distinguish. They call this land England then call us Saxons, all lumped together. That’s like calling a … Continue reading

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St Benet’s Dragon

In researching Neve I came across the following story of St Benet’s Dragon, referenced by Dr Filbert in Be Banished He Bellowed. Not intending then for Neve to be published as posts on a blog, I included the story in the … Continue reading

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Inspiration Called Today

Inspiration called today. You were not here, You’d gone away, Gone away to distant isles Where inspiration hangs on trees And you can pluck it from the breeze. Inspiration call today You were not here, It did not stay

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