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Following The Thread

Anyone who has followed my fiction will know there are two things that fascinate me: archaeology, and textiles. A recent article (14 July 2016) in UK’s Independent newspaper by their archaeology correspondent, David Keys, snared me on both. Circa 3000 … Continue reading

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Ancient Wheat

The astounding headlines that hit the archaeological press at the end of February this year (2015) would have delighted Julia Cannings of Priory Project. No doubt her jaw would have dropped when she realised that the granaries and traders at … Continue reading

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Evidence Mounts for Noah’s Flood

Another Theory by Iris Einstein There is scarcely a culture around the world that lacks a Flood Myth. And is it a wonder when the sea levels have been rising by leaps and creeps since the end of the Ice … Continue reading

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What Is It?

Another Neolithic henge? A report by Iris Einstein The henge is one of the most common Neolithic features in the British landscape. But is that what this is? Not just any old circle qualifies as a henge, not even those … Continue reading

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A Snail-Wail

Not Quite a Big Mac I don’t have much of a garden, just a shared courtyard. I keep a few pots in it and every spring plant them with loud showy flowers. Alas, we have a large population of snails … Continue reading

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