Sunday Picture Post: Hethel

19th June, a bus to Norwich, a bus to Mulbarton, and a walk via Braconash to Hethel and back. For those with an interest in fast cars and motor racing Hethel might ring bells.

Home of Team Lotus: 19 June 2021

But lets start at the beginning…

It’s not a sunny day but at least now the rain has stopped: 19 June 2021
Country lanes…. 19 June 2021
full of roses and honeysuckle that clamber ever higher: 19 June 2021
A woodland belt lines both sides of the lane: 19 June 2021
19 June 2021
Why is it called Water Tower Lane? 19 June 2021
19 June 2021
A fairy tale cottage: 19 June 2021
This lane has been closed to traffic since Lotus arrived here; it runs alongside their racetrack: 19 June 2021
The red is a cranesbill. It grew in my old garden but here it is so vivid: 19 June 2021

We’ve reached the halfway stage… at the Lotus Works (first photo above). We’ll complete the walk next week. Hope you enjoyed.

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10 Responses to Sunday Picture Post: Hethel

  1. Sadje says:

    Lovely and serene walk.

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  2. Such beautiful sights. It’s a great walking route!

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