Sunday Picture Post: A Walk on the South Side

The path on the south side of Breydon Water leads to Burgh Castle and the remains of a Roman fort. But we’re not going to walk that far. Instead, we’ll cut across the marshes and circle back to Great Yarmouth. But it’s still a tidy step. So, put on your hikers, and let’s go.

Breydon Bridge carries the bypass. 25th May 2020.

Not so busy today. I liked the contrast of the old and the new (new as in 1984)

A tern flies over the untroubled water: 25th May 2020

The terns (common and arctic) are summer visitors, overwintering in South Africa.Β In the distance across the water, you can see the platforms installed to encourage the terns to breed.

Gipsy cobs, my grandpa’s favourite: 25th May 2020

Back in the day, our marshes provided sweet grazing for Highland cattle. Now horses are everywhere.

It’s hot, I’m itchy, dust will help: 25th May 2020

The pumphouse: 25th May 2020

In bygone days, windmills were used for pumping water drained from the marshes into the estuary. These days we have this. It’s a bit of a landmark with no other buildings for miles around. It’s also where we’re going to leave Breydon to cut across those marshes.

Curious, he has to come nose: 25th May 2020

(I think he’s been using the same hair colourant as me)

Agricultural weeds: 25th May 2020

The walk takes in agricultural land. Poppies and various crops’ flowers all gathered together in a field corner. Note: it’s all organic around here, no nasty sprays.

And there, in a quiet corner… 25th May 2020

Hawthorn, pretty in pink, and the last of the year: 25th May 2020

This isn’t the end of the walk, but the path is soon to spew us out onto a road in a retail park and… one road’s much like another in such places.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed our little stroll. It’s been hot. You might be beginning to tire. It’s about 7 miles all-round. Well done.


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30 Responses to Sunday Picture Post: A Walk on the South Side

  1. Wow, that was gorgeous from start to finish. And there, a good walk in for the day!

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  2. What a wonderful walk. 7 miles is quite far for me but I enjoyed it. Happy Sunday, Crisp.

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    • Thanks, Susan. I’m hoping to repeat the walk, but in reverse, this week. You see different things walking the other way. And tbh, that’s be best walk there is without catching a bus, and we’re still being told essential journeys only. So… this could be my summer walk… week after week after week.

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  3. Dale says:

    Thank you for taking us on such an enjoyable walk, Crispina. So much to enjoy during!

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  4. Jen Goldie says:

    They’re all beautiful! Once again I say you’re so lucky!
    But I’m seriously attracted to horses. I’m almost sure I’ve had precious time with them in another life. To me horses are magical. I read ZEN OF HORSES off and on, it calms me.
    Once again your Sunday Photos are exceptional! Thank you.

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  5. Michael says:

    Such a beautiful part of the world you live in Crispina.

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  6. What a beautiful walk! Thank you for taking us along! πŸ™‚ Love that chocolate brown horse!

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  7. MythRider says:

    Beautiful walk. Thanks for sharing. I’m an explorer of new pathsβ€”new to me. This is one I wish I could have taken.

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  8. Christine R says:

    7 MILES!!!! Phew. So worth it, though, from what you’ve shared.

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  9. I had to look up the Gipsy Cob breed because I was wondering about the scale for those horses. When I saw a picture of them with a horse, I was surprised because I had thought they looked pony-ish! But I think it’s just the hoof floof that makes their legs look shorter.

    My family is more into Percherons.

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