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Measured Words

He spoke in measured words What, he was a Shakespearean actor, speaking in pentameters? Or maybe he spoke in chains, yards and inches. Of course he could have used words which for him spoke volumes: Of pints and pecks, and … Continue reading

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Utterly Useless Facts #3

or ‘What The Experts Don’t Know’ From Iris Einstein It is a truism that the more we learn the less we know. Nowhere is this so sweetly evidenced as in the following ‘facts’. Biologists (the experts who study living organisms) … Continue reading

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Utterly Useless Facts #2

(Iris Einstein does it again) We all know that Crimmie is a logophile,—though logomaniac might better express it—yet she didn’t know these words and their meanings. (Duh!) Blissom “To bleat with sexual desire.” That’s got to be ‘bleat like a … Continue reading

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Christmas Games

Nuke the Board ‘Nuke the Board’ is a festive form of Scrabble or Upwords. The rules are this: Every word used must in some way relate to the festive season. Sounds easy? Yet before long you’ve run out of festive … Continue reading

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