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Protected: A Little Village with Big Connections

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Stinging Nettle

In answer to why is the Dead Nettle called ‘Dead’: because unlike the Stinging Nettle, it doesn’t sting . . . and here’s a photo of the stinging variety. Entirely different flowers.  

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Painterly Poppies

I spied these poppies, a red island in a sea of ripening grain. Must snap, I thought; must have. But they were beyond the range of my kit lens. And so . . . a ‘painterly picture’

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Pretty In Pink

 (and in purple, and in the wind, too.)  

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From Heath to Fen to Broad

Continuing the series of Broads’ posts: An easy and enjoyable, 10 mile, walk through varied terrain, beginning on the acidic sandy soils ENE of Norwich through to the miry fens and the Broads that nestle amongst the marshes along the … Continue reading

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Down Amongst the Woodland Fairies

In April Flowers the flowers were large enough to be easily seen. Yet many a woodland plant has flowers small, that are often tucked away amongst the general foliage . . . So next time you’re out walking . . … Continue reading

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April Flowers

Spring seems to have come early this year. Everywhere, flowers not usually in bloom till May are putting forth their colourful blossoms. Here are a few seen on my walks this month . . .

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The Two Mills of Tunstall

Living in Great Yarmouth, and making frequent journeys by bus along the Acle New Road (A47), I am rather blasé about our windmills, so many of which can be seen from that road. Yet, apart from one visit to Berney … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Wayside

Who looks at the wayside, all whizzing past in their cars and on buses. One needs go by foot to see what’s growing alongside you . . .  

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Too High, Too Low, Across the Water, Amid the Nettles

When you can’t get close-in, the only thing to do is to ‘zoom’ and ‘crop’. The resolution remains, but the picture goes small. Some of these barely measure 5″ square.

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