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The weather forecast gave a midday temperature of 11° C, cloudy, wind NW 4 mph gusting to 6. Lo! What a miserable day considering this is now the middle of May. Yet it was the day I’d been waiting for … Continue reading

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No Sweat

I open the curtains I see a dark cloud And thank my good fortune To be alive HERE and TODAY Not in a land laden with poor Nor 2000 or 200 years before But where I have shelter to keep … Continue reading

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Cold Weight

  Have you noticed how you weigh more in the cold of winter? Well I hadn’t. Not till this year. Having rid myself of the accursed diabetes, I’m determined not to go there again. And so I invested in (a … Continue reading

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And Today’s Prayer . . .

The children’s God is a weather god. To wit . . . It rains = God’s taking a shower There’s thunder = God’s moving his bed There’s lightning = God’s striking a match (and sometimes he’s careless and drops it and … Continue reading

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We, the Survivors

It’s hardly possible these days to turn on the news without hearing of some recent catastrophe: tsunami, earthquake, volcano, tornadoes, hurricanes (are they the same thing?) rising sea-levels, floods, landslides . . .  take your pick. And if it isn’t our … Continue reading

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The Coldness Came Again Today

The Coldness came again today Unlike love and luck and happy days That look around and then not stay The Coldness came again today And stayed.      

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