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The Fallen Angels

“Ah-ha!” exclaimed Dr Filbert. “Now we find the buried treasure.” He had been trawling through a dust-covered arch-lever binder, the notes within the work of his now-deceased wife. Neve leaned forward, the better to see while he read aloud from … Continue reading

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The Kerdolak Stones

A Priory Project Supplement As told by Eblan Head Man Burnisen The North Alsime tell this story to account for the stones found strewn across the land to the west of His Indwelling. (Not the Cloud Stones to the north, you … Continue reading

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The F Word

A Roots of Rookeri Supplement. The God of Facerie According to Rothi scholars mining the Holy Book, the Mercury Curse arose with the Geeks. The Lubanthan scholars, however, while acknowledging that Hermes, born in Greek-land, was, as it were, a … Continue reading

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