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Family Connections: Wulf, Wine and Thor

The last in the series of Late Saxon Wills: 1: Wulfgyth of Karletune 2: Ketel Alder 3: Edwin of Meltuna 4: Family Connections: Wulf, Wine and Thor The Will of Thurstan, son of Lustwine Potential Connections Whilst researching the Late … Continue reading

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Dunwich River

Dunwich, situated at the mouth of the Dunwich River, was chosen, c.630, by Saint Felix, the first bishop of the East Angles, to be his seat. And there the East Anglian bishopric sat until the thriving kingdom was overrun by … Continue reading

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Enter The Scribes

Ancestral Lands: Part Two, Saxons and Danes Saxlingham wasn’t named for the Saxons, but for a minor lord by name of Seaxe. And despite the claims of the village sign, Seaxe probably lived one, even two centuries earlier (650-750 CE), … Continue reading

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The Green Children of Saint Martin’s Land

There is a village two hours hike from the abbey of the slain East Anglian king, Saint Edmund. While in the twelfth century this village was known as Wulput, it is recorded in the Great Survey of 1086 as Wlfpet. … Continue reading

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