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Neve Title

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It’s imperative for Neve to find her grandfather who, according to a newly-met youth with disquieting skills, is hidden away in an elf-veiled land circa 1086. Meanwhile, back in the twenty-first century a shadowy form watches her, vampiric grim-forms attack her, a waking dragon threatens her death and the youth whose memories she has used, grows ever more passionate, jealous and possessive.

An Asaric Tale . . . 

Ch 1: Skimaskall the Last Dragon
Ch 2: Widow Cob’s Cat
Ch 3: Be banished, He bellowed
Ch 4: Road to Hell
Ch 5: Silver and Gold
Ch 6: Impulse to Murder
Ch 7: A Knight’s Fee
Ch 8: The Measure of a Man
Ch 9: Lights Upon Water
Ch10: At Dragon’s Mere
Ch 11: The Unslayable
Ch 12: A Plague of Toads
Ch 13: Aquilergy
Ch 14: Hegrea’s Green Castle
Ch 15: The Oddssons
Ch 16: Eldsland
Ch 17: Regin-yorl’s Hall
Ch 18: This Talk of Grimmen
Ch 19: An Elastoplast For Raesan
Ch 20: Cesars’ Well
Ch 21: Three Oaths To Bind Him
Ch 22: Lady Elfgiva
Ch 23: The Witch and the Simulacrum
Ch 24: The Saga Band
Ch 25: Regin-yorl
Ch 26: Raesan’s Game
Ch 27: Return Match
Ch 28: Super-Warrior-Killing-Machine
Ch 29: Alone
Ch 30: One Day
Ch 31: A Mother Too Young
Ch 32: Kerrid Speaks
Ch 33: Sir Guy’s Dragon Quest
Ch 34: Neve’s Holiday
Ch 35: Hell’s Gate
Ch 36: St Keldreda’s Well
Ch 37: Of Rainbows and Angels
Ch 38: The Waters of Life
Ch 39: A Mortal Untainted
Ch 40: Gudrum Kin-Of-Kings
Ch 41: Raven Maze
Ch 42: Bissen Hall
Ch 43: Skrauti’s Land
Ch 44: Purple Crocodiles
Ch 45: Skailton Hall
Ch 46: The Grimmen
Ch 47: Zemowit’s Lady
Ch 48: A Division of Bellinn
Ch 49: Raesan Romancing
Ch 50: Rat
Ch 51: Psycho Killer
Ch 52: To Bed A Dragon
Ch 53: Arthur’s Sleep
Ch 54: Oddessey Hall
Ch 55: Cesar
Ch 56: Home

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