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The serialised story Alsalda concluded when Commander Horsemaster Krisnavn became the first Alsaldic King. Now a new Alsaldic story is about to begin. King’s Wife.

King’s Wife is set some six centuries on when the cultural changes wrought by Clan Querkan have had time to crystallise, when new beliefs have taken root, when new laws apply . . . when the ancestral heartland of the Alisime people (now known as the Alsimuk) have become the core of a flourishing empire. Told by seven different witnesses with seven different agendas, they offer seven different views of the calamitous events revolving around the King’s Wife that lead to the fall of that empire.

Alsaldic Calendar and Deities.
Map of the Alsaldic Empire

Chapter Links
KW1 The Cuckoo Child
KW2 The King’s Beer
KW3 The Climactic Career of Markenys
KW4 The Puppet Master
KW5 The Thirty-First Alsaldic King
KW6 The Old Queen
KW7 A Matter of Source
KW8 The Bearer of Tales
KW9 This Hold, This Feast, This Heir
KW10 Bregan’s Brew
KW11 Reksan Albinnys Saramis
KW12 The First King’s Candidate
KW13 Two Late Arrivals
KW14 Complications
KW15 To Beg Horse and Sword
KW16 Saram’s Intent
KW17 Befriended
KW18 Consternations and Accusations
KW19 A Wager Each Way
KW20 The Race, The Crush
KW21 The Kingmaker
KW22 The Father’s Daughter
KW23 If He Should Fail
KW24 Friends, Swords and Foes
KE25 The King Decrees
KW26 The Knotted Question of Wedding
KW27 Puppet-master, Kingmaker, Uissid Tizarn
KW28 To Kill an Immortal
KW29 Tangents and Triangles
KW30 A Would-Be King Not All That He Seems
KW31 The Weak and the Strong
KW32 In Tandem
KW33 Zabul of Ul Dlida
KW34 The Light of the World
KW35 One Mother-Fated Day
KW36 The Homecoming
KW37 Absent Kings
KW38 Amid the Threats
KW39 A Confusion of Love
KW40 Of Doves and Swords
KW41 Trouble Along The Way
KW42 Queen Bregan’s Father
KW43 Let’s Pretend
KW44 Yewlen’s Daughter
KW45 The King’s Volunteers
KW46 Sprigs, Flowers and Trees
KW47 The Messenger
KW48 More Precious The Copper?
KW49 Kings, Queens, and Sisters
KW50 The Rate of Exchange
KW51 Fire and Water
KW32 Sprigs Enlisted
KW53 Plans All Awry
KW54 Alone