Can of Worms Chapter Links

COW_BeganTake a 16 year girl, heir to Failans Farm, with a mother gaga about all things Tolkienesque; add repeating nightmares of decapitation, and finds of headless bodies spanning nine centuries from the twelfth to present; combine with a guy who wears a black dress who claims to be 1000 years old; and slowly stir in the Saxon Runes. A lively recipe for the Can Of Worms. Posting on Wednesdays.

Can Of Worms, with 52K words, would qualify for NaNoWriMo—except it wasn’t written in the wet month of November, but during February’s cold. Moreover, I wasn’t aiming for that, it just worked out that way.

I have since reworked for continuity, foreshadowing, and pulled back on the protagonist’s dialogue. During the upload process I’ve given it a bit of a polish. But other than that, it is raw.

For those who come late and want to start at the beginning, chapter links are given below as the work is posted.

Hope you enjoy.

Chapter Links
01 Hopes and Dreams
02 Debunking Dr Snide
03 And The Rain Torrenches
04: Lord of the Dance
05: All This G’Boody
06: Failan And Son
07: A Path to Follow
08: Squaring the Circle
09: My Land, My County, My People
10: Broken Water
11: Words Discordant
12: Bigod’s House
13: Rune Caster
14: A Desire That Drives
15: Guillan
16: Woden
17: A Hailstorm in Summer
18: Rune-World
19: Brittany Thwarted
20: Madeleine
21: Carted
22: Passage to Tree Brunna
23: Togrim
24: Body-Gate
25: A Distant Parting
26: Ground Rules
27: Incarceration
28: Pried from Prison
29: Five Hours
30: A Sacred Enclosure
31: Sweeping Cobwebs
32: Swords and Stones
33: Nihel Carved It
34: A New Vehicle