Granaries and Trader’s Holds

Gene-trees of the granaries and the traders holds of Alisalm-Land to use as a ‘map’, to guide you through the complexities of alliances and inheritance . . . Because a picture paints a thousand words.

Alisalm Granaries


Sapasan's Isle (post massacre)

Gene Tree: Bajapa's Isle (post massacre)

Ablabran's Isle (post massacre)

Bisdathea's Isle (post massacre)

Bridatha's Isle (post massacre)

Bukfreh's Isle (post massacre)

Hamfala's Isle (post massacre)

Sinya's Isle (post massacre)



Bukplugn's Hold (post massacre)

Burnise's Hold (post massacre)

Duneld's Hold (post massacre)

Erleldn's Hold (post massacre)

Jitnebn's Hold (post massacre)

Luktosn's Hold (post massacre)

Mandatn's Hold (post massacre)



Saramequai Clan Querkan Gene Tree

Gousen, Clan Dragsin Gene Tree