Alsalda_2_Bearsthe blurb

a tale of treachery, loyalty and of seismic cultural change
as seen through the eyes of four main characters.

Thirteen winters-seen. Daughter of the Mistress of First Granary at Isle Ardy. Been nowhere, knows everything (because, as she says, she eavesdrops on her father, the granary trader Master Bukarn).

Brother of Detah. Recently returned from Dal Uest where he served as an assistant lore-man. He now trains as an eblan (to the disappointment of Bukarn’s Ulvregan family at Luktosn’s Hold).

Eblan Erspn
Brother to Mistress Siradath of Sapapsan’s Granary at His Indwelling. As Eblan Head Man, it is for him to uphold the Alisime traditions.

Captain Horsemaster Megovis
Second-in-command to Horsemaster Krisnavn, Commander of the Saramequai Division of the King’s Regiment. He doesn’t trust the eblann—for reasons he prefers to forget.

Pronunciation Guide
Kerdolak Holds & Eskin Lands
Map of Alisalm-Land
Granaries and Traders Holds

Chapter Links
Episode 1 Detah
Episode 2 Demekn
Episode 3 Murdan’s Head
Episode 4 Along the Waters
Episode 5 An Eblan Tale
Episode 6 Midnight Talks
Episode 7 Thrice An Answer
Episode 8 Itching . . .
Episode 9: Detah Tells it
Episode 10: Her Hungry Head
Episode 11: In His Pocket
Episode 12: Sapapsan’s Isle
Episode 13: Black Birds On The Water
Episode 14: A Gift
Episode 15: Beings Becoming
Episode 16: No News
Episode 17: A Sad, Sad Day
Episode 18: Eblan Work
Episode 19: Death’s White Fingers
Episode 20: Alone and Watching
Episode 21: From Far Over The Sea
Episode 22: Your Sons
Episode 23: Now We Are Seven
Episode 24: Saram’s Weapons
Episode 26: Black Bobbing Feathers
Episode 26: The Songs of Beli
Episode 27: Saram-Blue Eyes and a Regiment Horse
Episode 28: On Such A Fine Day
Episode 29a: Because During His Rule
Episode 29b: Detah Wrought
Episode 30: Tree Clans
Episode 31: Thrice Chosen
Episode 32: To Make Good Use Of Him
Episode 33: Beneath A Wide-Crowned Oak
Episode 34: What Trick Is This?
Episode 35: Cats and Mice
Episode 36: Land Of Rivers
Episode 37: To Share A Tale
Episode 38: Alisime Offers
Episode 39: Ghostly Grey Fingers
Episode 40: A Division That Doesn’t Divide
Episode 41: Shiversome Bounds And Alsime Demands
Episode 42: Another Bloody Buttercup
Episode 43: For Fear Of Man’s Blundering Feet
Episode 44: Adders . . . To Add Treachery
Episode 45: Thorns and Prickles. Clan Dragsin
Episode 46: Shocked And Shattered
Episode 47: Ask . . .  But Of The Right Person
Episode 48: By Boat And By Dish
Episode 49: Flies. Irritating. Buzzing
Episode 50: In Carven Caves
Episode 51: Flyworts And Raw Copper
Episode 52: Wait! Who Deals Here?
Episode 53: Would You Believe?
Episode 54: Woven Threads
Episode 55: A Day Ripe For Returns
Episode 56: A Friend? Indeed
Episode 57: Charms
Episode 58: Alsalda, River Woman
Episode 59: One Wants, One Sings, One Sees
Episode 60: Black Birds, White Sails
Episode 61: The Battle Of South Rivergate
Episode 62: To Hunt The King’s Hold
Episode 63: The Eblan’s Child
Episode 64: Upon The Beech-Mother’s Knee
Episode 65: On Ashen Wings
Episode 66: The Ogre And Avenger
Episode 67: An Exhilarating Fight
Episode 68: One Rather Awkward Stipulation
Episode 69: The Ladies Three
Episode 70: Gifts
Episode 71: Ring Around The Highlands
Episode 72: Painful Partings
Episode 73: Rogues and Dragsin
Episode 74: Snakes and Traders
Episode 75: New Holds For Old
Episode 76: Odds Unexpected
Episode 77: What News?
Episode 78: The Race
Episode 79: No Proper Proposal


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