Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Okay, so it’s not a road, but a path. And it’s not made of brick, but of short-cut grain-stalks. And it doesn’t go to the Emerald City but passing through an exceedingly emerald field, skirts a sand-quarry to arrive at Norwich City (whose football club colours just happen to be green and yellow).

Footpath through grain-field at Arminghall

Footpath through grain-field at Arminghall: Photo taken 21st June 2018

#picoftheweek: Follow the Path

The sharp-eyed amongst you might notice what could be a circle midway along that path. While it could be an outgrown modernday crop circle, it’s more likely to be the markings from an ancient round barrow. This field sits bang in the middle of a site sacred since Neolithic times (the path also passes alongside Arminghall Henge).

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18 Responses to Follow the Yellow Brick Road

  1. Dale says:

    Love this, Crispina… even if it doesn’t lead to the Emerald City (which we know is all a crock, anyway…)

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  2. Love it! And I love the “crop circle”. I feel like this is a path I’d like to follow! (Although, I’d probably be a little sad when it didn’t actually reach the Emerald City.)

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  3. Brian Bixby says:

    I have a brand new fancy monitor for my new computer, and your photographs (to judge from this one) are going to look better and be more appreciated by me.

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  4. Judy says:

    Great image,I love the emerald green , my favourite color, and the yellow path wonderful contrast and enticing to skip along in. I read ALL the OZ books. Yay L Frank Baum! But as much as the surface beauty, that history lies hidden beneath those bright colors gives mystery we overlook in our daily rush.

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    • crimsonprose says:

      I think I’m lucky to live close to an area of ‘outstanding history’, as well as beauty. Yet if I hadn’t researched it, I wouldn’t have known. Hidden, as you say.


  5. Joy Pixley says:

    I am happy to take an emerald field over an Emerald City right now — what a lovely place to explore! The colors came out so wonderfully in this photo, well done.

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  6. Jen Goldie says:

    Beautiful Crispina 🙂

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  7. Violet Lentz says:

    You have me off to google, I never heard of a round barrow, but am about to find out what it is and how it could have left such a mark. Beautiful photo.

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