Spirits and Sprites

In every woodland lurks a spirit, guardian over all . . .

Green Man with face fungus

Green Man with face fungus. When first I took his photo he had fungus hair as well. He must be getting old. Photo 11th October 2017

While the spirit-loci looks kinda heavy (a serious looking beastie) the sprites prefer to form themselves of light . . .

Woodland Sprite

In fact, not a woodland, but a bank climbing beside a disused railway in Costessey (Norfolk UK). Photo 11th October 2017

As for this fella . . . I thought he looked much like a snake.

White cottony fungus

I admit, I cannot identify it with certainty. It’s either Leucocoprinus cretaceus (which is rare), or Coprinopsis stercorea (which is rated as common). What these two have in common is they both grow on dung. Photo taken 11th October 2017, along that same stretch of no-longer used railway

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Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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