Beside the . . . Sea?

Living on the coast, it’s easy for me to walk down to the beach on these hot July days. Yet I don’t. I prefer to be out of the noise—the babies crying, kids yelling and screaming, parents shouting, amusement arcades blaring out their annoying jingles. Besides, with Breydon Water lapping my feet (so to speak), why go elsewhere. I could never take pictures like these on the beach . . .

High Tide at Breydon

A grass-grown island being slowly eroded at every high tide

Breydon Water, remnant of the pre-Roman Great Estuary

Breydon Water, much diminished from its pre-Roman guise as the Great Estuary

Breydon beneath moody sky

A place of many moods. As a cloud passes over Breydon Water and the first drops fall, its time to head home.

But it’s not just for the sky and the water that attracts me to Breydon. There is an interesting plant community here.

Seeds of Alexanders

Seeds of Alexanders. Wherever the Romans went, seems they took this plant with them. So not surprising to see it around Breydon, with its two Roman forts guarding north and south of the old estuary mouth (Caister-on-Sea and Burgh Castle)

Wild Carrot

Our ancestors first harvested the humble carrot from such estuary margins as Breydon. Here’s the real McCoy, carrot, the wild variety. Though I admit, i don’t know why its foliage has turned such a wonderful crimson, but it was a must-have photo.

Photos taken 9th July 2017

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3 Responses to Beside the . . . Sea?

  1. Judy says:

    Nice views. Just the name Breydon Water has a hint of magic in it. Pretty sure it is not Brian’s fault!! Just inherent in the name.

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    • crimsonprose says:

      When the promenade gets too loud, busy, frenetic, it is good to take a stroll across Breydon and just . . . . chill. The name, by the way, means ‘Broad Place’. And it used to be a whole lot broader than it is today!


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