Can You Name This Tree?

I found this in a hedgerow, growing to perhaps 15 ft. It was absolutely covered in these tassels. The tassels make me think of the ash tree (see second photo), but the leaves look more like birch, or a field maple. Any suggestions?

Unknown Tree

Will those tassels develop into ‘winged keys’? Photo taken 5th April, just outside Norwich (UK)

ash tree flowers

Tassel-like flowers of the Ash Tree. Photo: 5th April 2017, Newton Flotman, Norfolk

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2 Responses to Can You Name This Tree?

    • crimsonprose says:

      My guess is it’s not native! That’s why I thought I’d throw it open. These days farmers are planting some really exotic specimens in their hedges. All I can say is it’s not harmful to horses . . . occupants of said field.

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