First Images of Spring

Catkins Arminghall Woods

Hazel Catkins, Arminghall Woods, February 14th

Catkins in bloom Caistor SE

Hazel trees decked with catkins. A woodland ride at Caistor St Edmund, February 14th

Snowdrops, Marriotts Way

Snowdrops in woodland alongside Marriotts Way at Drayton, February 21st

Pussy willow, Cobholm March 7

Pussy willow at Cobholm common (Gt Yarmouth) March 7th

Black thorn at Breydon

Black thorn in bloom, edging a copse beside Breydon Water, Gt Yarmouth, March 7th

Black thorn flowers close up

Black thorn flowers, up close and personal, March 7th

Crocuses at Burgh Castle March 7

Crocuses line the path to the church at Burgh Castle, March 7th

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Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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4 Responses to First Images of Spring

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    My personal favorites are the landscape from Caistor St. Edmund and the close-up of the black thorn blossoms.

    Meanwhile, today, we are having a blizzard in New England.

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