The Tree-Folk I Met With On Holiday

Winter: morning mists and freezing fogs . . . seems a good time to recall our holidays. Here’s a few of the characters I met with back in September with the last of summer’s heat tenaciously clinging . . .

Deep fissured bark

Standing proud alongside a footpath, the deep fissures of this tree’s bark naturally caught my eye

Face in the Woods

I’m not sure what animal this. Partly cow, partly rhino? Hiding away in a sunless woods

Felbrigg resident

A resident of the Felbrigg Hall estate. The early morning September sun, low in the sky, dapples this tree most delightfully.

Grainy bark

Same tree . . . from t’other side. And that same early morning sun rakes the deep grain of this well-weathered monster

Hands Up

A thoroughly anthropomorphic tree. ‘Hands up!’ said the highwayman

Guardian of the Fields

A pollarded guardian of the fields. Georgian landowners planted trees excessively, hoping one day to make their fortune from the timber. Alas for them (hip-hip for us) iron was soon to replace timber in shipbuilding

A bowl of a bole

A bowl of a bole found in a woodland at Cromer

I hope you enjoyed this short taste of summer. More photos of the Norfolk countryside can be found at Crispina Kemp on Google+

About crispina kemp

Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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5 Responses to The Tree-Folk I Met With On Holiday

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    What I see: a cyclops, a diseased phallic organ, the back side of a Viking priest warning off someone, dissolving wallpaper, “Hi, I’m from Lord of the Rings and I’m lost,” a big tree, and a tentacled monstrosity emerging from the ground.

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