Autumn Colours


A walk in autumnal woods with the sun’s raking light. Enchanting.


But the autumn walk began way back in September with the first turn of leaves.


And it’s not only the trees that paint the autumnal world in rich colours


Leaves, seeds and berries, all take on deep tones at this time of year


The spindle-tree adds wayside colour


While bryony berries deck the hedges with festive festoons



The first turn of the dogwood leaves (September)


Caught in the autumnal sun, dogwood’s colourful foliage


No longer so perky, these deep purple dogwood leaves


Bright sun after autumn showers really make the colours sparkle. This is Tas Valley, opposite bank to Venta Icenorum


It was in Tas Valley, too, that I found the Witch Tree. A different angle on it: two more faces found! Or is it one man and his dog?


With cold coming on fast, this could be one of my last woodland walks this year.


While oak and beech leaves scatter the woodland floor, it’s the birch that catches the eye in the sun


Chestnut woods, the trees only now turning. But what can’t be seen in this shot is the plethora of assorted fungi lining the way


And to end the walk, a sprig of oak

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7 Responses to Autumn Colours

  1. Joy Pixley says:

    So gorgeous, thanks for sharing! One thing I really miss about living in Michigan and upstate New York most of my life (before moving to southern California) is the beautiful fall colors, and the lovely walks in the woods. Your photos might be the closest I get to enjoying it this year, so thanks for the vicarious pleasure.

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    • crimsonprose says:

      Happy to share them. And I know what you mean of missing the trees. I had lived all my life not a stone’s throw from various deciduous woodlands . . . but then moved to concrete-ville. Not quite treeless, but not far from it. And, no, it’s no compensation to have the sea on my doorstep (sometimes literally as I live in a flood area). For years I made the pilgrimage back, just to see the trees and the bluebells and the foliage and . . well, you know what I mean. All these photos are only taken on my phone’s camera, and only the last few days have I discovered an excellent (free) online editor. No stopping me now. You should see the quality much improved next year. Especially since I have promised myself a dslr as Santa’s present to me (even if it has to be secondhand for me to afford it). Then I know I shall be itching to use it, just as the weather stops play!.

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      • Joy Pixley says:

        I am lucky that there are still plenty of trees and bushes and flowers where I live, but it is so manicured, so “perfect”. I can go for walks in the wilderness preserve, but the natural plants around here don’t excite me the same way — and they don’t give my pale skin nearly enough shade! So I fully endorse your plan to get a new camera and take tons and tons of pictures and post them!

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  2. tomrains says:

    Lovely lovely pictures. Look like scenes from a fairy tale! I went to upstate New York last weekend and got a taste of some foliage. Really lifted my spirits!

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    • crimsonprose says:

      Glad they affect you so. Most were taken this past week. I’d argued with myself about going out as the weather forecast wasn’t so good. But in between the rain the sun shone so brightly, the colours just came alive. And you should see the fungi shots I got! Shame I’ve already posted so many fungi photos. But these new ones will keep till next year.

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  3. Brian Bixby says:

    And now I’m almost wishing we came later in the year. 🙂

    Despite forecasts of how poor the foliage would be this year in New England, out in Boston’s northwest suburbs the yellows in particular were very good, and while the trees are mostly bare now, yet a few lingering glories can be seen.

    Cambridge being so urban, fall isn’t grand. Spring is the time for the tress in Cambridge to show off.

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    • crimsonprose says:

      There have been some massive changes here in the past week. From scarcely a coloured tree to (today) everything all yellowed up, some rusty-oranges and browns.
      I went out early, hoping to find something worth capturing, and have only just come in. So now to transfer photos from phone to laptop. You might receive some copies via email later in the day (or tomorrow . . . right now I’m cold and tired.)

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