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On This Halloween . . .

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Earth Eggs and Brackets

The last of my fungi photos—and a special Halloween collection. So to begin . . . but it has to be: Ground-growing fungi aren’t the easiest to see or to shoot. Wet knees, strained back, stings from nettles, scratches from … Continue reading

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Elfin Favourites

Field Found Fungi But though I’m calling it thus I have to admit not many of these fungi were found in actual fields. More like on the verges of farm-tracks and other open-to-the-public ‘green ways’. So some of the following … Continue reading

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Reksan Albinnys Saramis

Mistress Maia’s opinion of Queen Yoisea is, perhaps, emotionally coloured by previous days of jealousy. But regardless of her opinion, Maia cannot prevent her young niece Bregan from associating with the aged tale-telling queen . . . Read on Now we … Continue reading

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Bregan’s Brew

  With Mistress Maia’s urgent need of an apprentice she has accepted the Brictish Bregan regardless she’s not her true heir. So that ought to slam a door on Queen Yoisea’s tale-telling. Right? Hmm . . . Read on Bregan … Continue reading

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What are Wood-Rotters? They’re fungi that do exactly that. They rot the wood. And in rotting the wood, this class of fungi returns the dead or felled tree—trunk, branches, twigs, roots and all—to the soil. They thereby produce a nutrient-rich … Continue reading

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Fairy Led . . .

Their flowers all faded Their berries, sweet, eaten Yet out in the countryside If you’re sharp-eyed You might meet them and greet them: The Fairies. When I was taking these photos my intention was to come home, delve into my … Continue reading

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This Hold, This Feast, This Heir

Mistress Maia has no time for Queen Yoisea and her nonsense about Bregan being a Brictan, particularly since the King’s Truvidir doesn’t endorse it. But the old queen isn’t about to give up, yet . . . Read on Queen … Continue reading

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The Bearer of Tales

Since her brother first brought news of Bregan’s birth Mistress Maia has patiently waited, with some satisfaction, to receive her heir and apprentice into her keeping. And such convenient coincidence that young Bregan should be ready for training just as … Continue reading

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The Iceni: Queen Boudica’s People

The most iconic image of Boudica (by Victorian artist and engineer Thomas Thornycroft) stands on the Embankment near Westminster Bridge, London. Here Boudica is portrayed with her two adolescent daughters—after they’d been raped by Roman soldiers—battle-enraged, and driving a scythe-wheeled … Continue reading

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