The Alsaldic Calendar and its Deities

To help you follow the history given in King’s Wife, A Prelude: It will remain available on the King’s Wife Menu.

Alsaldic Calendar

Trikadents and Decans:

The solar year is divided to 12 x 30 day divisions known as trikadents
Each trikadent has 3 decans, the decan being a 10 day period.

The first 9 days of each decan are sacred to the Mothers (of which there are 3), the 10th day to Saram.



With the Moon Feasts counted as additional to the 30 days of their trikadent (i.e. Geniste, Sammeste, Kerbast and Kassis each have 31 days), and the Solar Feast of the Long Night falling between Daviste and Ulquiste, this brings the total days in the year to 365.

Moon Feasts:

  • Feast of Grounding
    Held in Geniste trikadent, sacred to the Mothers & Palamon
  • Feast of Trees
    Held in Sammeste trikadent, sacred to Beli & Saram
  • Feast of Harvests
    Held in Kerbast trikadent, sacred to Kelis & Sauën
  • Feast of the Slaughter
    Held in Kassis trikadent, sacred to Uät & Beli

The above feasts are celebrated at the full moon and move through their trikadent from year to year.

Solar Feast:

There is only one sun-feast: Feast of the Long Night, held at the winter solstice (aka ‘Fulcrum of the Year’); it is sacred to Saram and Sauën.

A celebration of creation, it often becomes the cause of pilgrimage.

The Great Cycle:

59 years comprise s Great Cycle: six decades (the final group has only 9 years). Each decade is sacred to a deity.

Great Year and The Deities

The Deities . . . 

The god of the wide blue sky, sees everything, hears everything, thus is witness to contracts and oaths. He is credited with granting our most soft-spoken wishes—though not always in the way that we want.

The sun, Seed of Saram, the deity of grains and the granaries. She is mother of Beli, some say by Palamon, her brother, the moon.

The original Lord of Uäth (which word means cave, the Netherland, the place of death). Uät is the truvidir’s guide; the giver of knowledge who inspires and arouses spiritual awareness

One story of Uät accounts him the primal dragon, first cause of life who was sent to Uäth when Beli ‘killed’ him.

Son of Sauën, Beli is the four-fold Fire: fire from the sky (lightning); sacred fire (the pyre to send the soul on its way, & the altar where sacrifices are made); domestic fire (for warmth, protection and nourishment); blood-fire (passion, enthusiasm, battle-fury).

He is also called Lord of the Dead or King of the Land of the Shining, where his governance reigns

Originally a storm god (winds, lightening, rain), Kelis later became Lord of the Land of the Dead until ousted by Beli. He is a twin, though no one knows who’s his other half.

The moon, (aka the Luminous One), brother of Sauën, some say father of Beli.

The Mothers:

  • Genet, the One Who Gives, sacred to her are babies, sweet waters and fishes
  • Queglan, Bright Mother, aka Sauën, whose light protects us and serves as a life-guide, whose warmth brings comfort and makes ripe the fruits and grains that sustain us.
  • Devone, Old Mother Death who in pointing her finger cuts the thread

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