Under The Sky

Scotland has its mountains; Cumbria its lakes; Wales its valleys; the South its Downs, stones and circles. East Anglia has skies which became the inspiration for the Norwich School of artists.

So, with no resort to the dramatic, here are some Norfolk skies. Most are incidental to the picture’s main subject. Peaceful browsing . . .

Clouds Brooding Over Forncett

Clouds brooding above the Norwich-London tacks at Forncett

A Brooding Presence Forncett

A month later and there are still brooding clouds over Forncett. I took this photo for the pylon.

Clouds Give Perspective Breydon

Breydon Water and the clouds have arranged themselves as if an artist’s lines of perspective

Clouds Retreating Over Lotihingland

Scudding away to leave a clear sky; here a field of ripening grain in Lothingland (between Gt Yarmouth & Lowestoft)

Clouds Touched by Sun South Walsham

The sun lights up the clouds over this recently harvested field at South Walsham

CottonWool Clouds Shotesham

These ‘easy-to-draw’ clouds found themselves featuring in this photo taken outside Poringland

Good Walking Clouds Stalham

Though these clouds might look like they presage rain, they are, in fact, a good indication of good walking weather. Photo taken along Weavers Way north of Stalham

Rain Heading to Yarmouth

On the way to Upton from Acle, these rain-laden clouds are heading for Great Yarmouth (Yippee, I wasn’t there that day though I had caught an earlier downpour while on the way to the bus.

More Rain for Yarmouth

Same place, same day, same rain. Same me thinking ‘Yipee’

Silken Drapery at Blofield Heath

Later that day, silken drapery over Blofield Heath

Painterly Clouds Swardeston

What I’d describe as ‘painterly clouds’; Swardeston water-meadows

Ridge and Furrow Clouds at Saxlingham Nethergate

Ridge-and-furrow clouds over the medieval fields at Saxlingham Nethergate

Silken Darts over Costessey

Taken this Tuesday from Marriotts Way, silken darts over Costessey

Sky Over Bure Marshes

And sometimes we have blue skies. This photo of the Bure marshes was taken from a riverside walk just outside Great Yarmouth


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4 Responses to Under The Sky

    • crimsonprose says:

      Thanks. I thought so too when I selected them from my libraries. But then seeing published I wasn’t so sure. I think it depends on the individual’s equipment (phone, pad, tablet, notebook, laptop]; the screens vary, so too the light conditions.of the viewer’s environment. I use a laptop; push back the screen and wow! all is wonderful. Pull it forward and all is bleached out. With my phone if the sun shines I can’t see the screen. I’m sure you know what I mean.


  1. Brian Bixby says:

    This brought back an interesting memory. When I was in Suffolk in ’93, the one picture I recall offhand of the landscape is really a landscape and sky picture: a rainbow over the fields after a rain.
    So I’ve independently confirmed your point!
    And the Breydon Waters picture is my favorite . . . though having seen the Waters, that may be part of the reason why. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • crimsonprose says:

      There were several Breydon photos I could have used here, but my favourite had recently been used in ‘Reflections’. Those skies are as much a feature of Breydon as the water. But it’s perhaps better to say them a feature of the one-time Great Estuary, since it’s that wide openness over the marshes that allows such an encompassing view of sky. Also, being slap-bang on the coast there’s all the effects of cold-meeting-warm and uprising vectors etc

      Liked by 1 person

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