Altered Images

What do you do with a photo that, no matter the tweaks to increase contrast, bring more definition, crop to improve composition, still ends up looking naff? The answer could be this . . .


These bramble leaves are given new life

Flowering Oaks

Dried grass caught upon flowering oaks . . . like dancing Medusas

Blue Daisies Pink Plantain

Blue daisies and purple plantain . . , and why not?

Bicoloured Leaves

No matter the treament, the leaves remain . . . bi-coloured

Blue Satin Briars

Blue briars? Or some silken fabric

Butterfly Leaves

Petals, butterflies, leaves . . . which are they?

Colliding Ivy

Kaleidoscoping ivy

Creeping Dawn

The fiery light of dawn


Flamingos in the sky? No, those leaves reveal the truth of it. This is an extensive clamber of hops, in flower

Fractured Vision

Perhaps my favourite: A fractured vision of grasses

Graded Grasses

Graded umbrellas . . . well, umbellifers

Jelly Tots

Rubies, diamonds, emeralds . . .

Nightime Lime

Nocturne in lime . . . or a tangle of grasses?

Rainbow Leaves

A rainbow-coloured shower of leaves

Pinks Pastels

Blooming pinks

Purple Parsley

Purple hedge parsley . . . still discernable

Vibrant Lichen

Not flowers. Lichen

Remaining Hearts

Bindweed, despite the treatment, still unmistakable

Strident Grasses

And here be a medley of grasses

Turgid Water

These were water plants . . . impossible now to tell

Scarlet Streamers

I call this Scarlet Streamer but it began life as yet more grasses

White Bryony

Can you see a face here? Call her Bryony

Next week? Beneath the Wide Sky

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13 Responses to Altered Images

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    Some impressions:
    1) exploding wool ball
    2) scene from experimental 1950s sci-fi film
    5) fabric, definitely fabric!
    6) scene from experimental 1960s film about hallucinogenic drugs
    8) Japanese art print
    9) satellite photograph of alien landscape
    9) “Honey, I broke the photographic plate!”
    16) Lab slide of culture for microscope
    17) The birdweed looks like an etching imposed on fabric
    18) abstract painting from the 1960s
    19) “The wind and the waves as I jump into the ocean to commit suicide”
    21) “Only Bryony’s hairdresser knows for sure!”

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  2. Brian Bixby says:

    And obviously I fouled up the numbers at #9-10; good thing I mentioned what was in the picture I designated (16): it is indeed the birdweed picture.

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  3. Judy says:

    Well filter play is fun and now that you have opened that door…I may have to walk through!! I used to do some crazy things with the filters too!! My favourites are probably the umbrella one and the blooming pinks as they look painterly and with nice colors.

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    • crimsonprose says:

      Favourable comments from you, as a photographer, are always treasured. I enjoyed creating these images. Not just the process of turning a scramble of vegetation into something ‘presentable’, but because it truly felt creative. When tweaking my usual photographic offerings whether they’re actually usable is often a happy accident. With these, I just kept going. That last one, Bryony, may be my favourite. Though also the multi-coloured fall of leaves.


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