Trees, what do we see in them . . .

Or if you’d rather: Trees, Up Close and Personal . . .

Definitely a Man Tree

I’ve featured this tree before but it seemed an apt start. Definitely a Man-Tree

Oh Tree

Is this a surprised face? Oh! Or is it something more personal?

Ivy Snake Man

I know that it’s ivy but a slight turn of the eye and I see a man, his limbs become serpents, his naked torso, stretching and contorting,

Tree or Snake

And from the same pit of imagination . . . is that a snake climbing the tree?

To Bend Over Backwards

You’ve heard the expression, ‘to lean over backwards’? Well, apparently even trees do it.

Recumbent Tree

Then again, some trees are just too laid-back. It obviously found the right angled bank for the perfect recline

Together Apart

There once was a pair of thwarted lovers . . . and from their grave grew a tree. And now they’re getting divorced.

Bound Forever Together

While this tree would be falling apart were it not for the ivy that binds it

Tree Hugger

Here’s another tree I’ve featured before, but not from this angle. Can you see the tree-hugger here?

Antlered Tree

You know why the oak is likened to the stag? Here’s why. Perfect antlers.

Again, I have featured this tree before but it’s such a classic.

Blue Witch Tree

The Blue Witch, slyly hatching some devilish scheme. (And that cross in the background is not of my doing!)

Grinning Green Witch Tree

And now the witch is grinning, probably in glee at the human it’s captured (see the head beneath her chin?)

And in Loony Tunes style: That’s all for now, folks.


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Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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7 Responses to Trees, what do we see in them . . .

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    The Fortean Times, a British publication, solicits simulacra pictures to put among the pages of its letters column. You could keep them in business for a year!

    Liked by 1 person

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