Water Sprites

A deceptive title maybe for this collection of photos. Perhaps ‘The Spirit of Water’ would be more apt.

Costessey Mill

I wanted to capture the contrasts: the placid and the chaotic. And maybe I’ll forgive the water authorities for turning what had been a deep placid pool, excellent for swimming, into this artificial weir (Costessey, April)

Ras at Saxlingham

Love the reflections. This is the River Tas- (Smockmill Common, Saxlingham, May)

Wash Lane

So why do they call it Wash Lane? When I visited here last October it was a veritable river. I have since bought galoshes that reside in my backpack, always on hand (Saxlingham, May)

Woodland rills 2

Is it a natural stream, or a man-made cut? Everywhere in the Norfolk Claylands are these little rills, and if you peer through the tress you’ll find darkling ponds. But most are too deeply hidden for the camera to find. This one was not. (East Carleton, May)

Woodland Pool Shotesham 2

A woodland pool, where surely those water sprites play (Shotesham, June)

Beneath the Water Shotesham

Same beck. Same woodland. Same enchantment. Same sprites

Shotesham Beck at Common 2

Shotesham Beck losing its magic as it emerges from the woodland glades to flow through the common (see previous photo-blog)

Hellington Run 2

Dark and mysterious, Hellington Run (June)

Tree on the Yare 2

A study in green.: the Yare between Whitlingham and Kirby Bedon (July)

Waterlilies on the Yare 2

Is that tracery of leaves in the sky? Nope, they’re waterlilies, growing here on the Yare at Whitlingham ( July)

Tas at Forncett 2

Tracing back to source . . . or at least upriver. This is the Tas at Forncett St Mary

Tas 2 at Forncett 2

Illogically, this is the Tas yet further upstream. Yet it seems to be wider. Also, see that black dot? That’s a cat. It had its sights fixed on a moorhen that was hiding amid the vegetation. (August, Forncett St Peter)

I don’t know what theme I’ll give my next photo-blog. I am currently collecting photos of ‘fruits’. But that’s to wait till I can include some good shots of acorns and elderberries. Soon, I say, soon.



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2 Responses to Water Sprites

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    The enchanted and the ordinary both look good. Wash Lane reminds me of hiking a trail in the New Zealand rain forest the day after a rain. It WAS a trail. It was also a stream.

    Liked by 1 person

    • crimsonprose says:

      I regret I hadn’t the presence of mind to take a photo of it the previous autumn when it was in full flood. I was more concerned with crossing without getting too wet. Though it was this particular place that decided me it was time to invest in galoshes. Said footwear having proven its worth several times over this summer!

      Liked by 1 person

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