Rhapsody In Pink

It needs no introduction . . . except this is a selection of photos taken over the past 6 weeks . . . . Enjoy . . .

Wild Rose

I was going to label these with the particular species but . . . dog rose . . . field rose . . . sweetbriar . . .

Rose blush

A different species . . I think. It clambered for some distance through the farmer’s hedge

Sweetbriar Hedge

Sweetbriar . . . it has smaller leaves than the dog and field rose (I think)

Yellow rose

A charming change of colour. But now back to the pinks . . .

Common Mallow

The common mallow . . . so pink, it’s almost purple

Musk Mallow

Pretty in pink: the musk mallow


Foxglove . . . and a visiting bee

Hedge woundwort

Hedge woundwort, of the deadnettle family, aptly found in a hedge amongst stinging nettles

Pink Hogweed

This pink variety is less often seen than the common (white-flowered) hogweed. But what an inelegant name for a star of a flower


Willowherb . . . it’s one of those wild flowers that come in multiple species


Honeysuckle, a rare pink


Honeysuckle . . . in the more common cream. And smelling divine

Honeysuckle cascade

A cascade of honeysuckle. It seems to tumble through every hedge and clamber around every tree.

It’s such a shame I can’t include the scents of these flowers. June in particular was a rich month for perfumes. But it’s been so difficult to pick out just a few photos from the many I’ve taken. And while themed pink, contrast is needed, hence the purples and creams.

All these photos (except the foxglove) were taken on my rambles around the old hundred of Henstead, southeast of Norwich between the rivers Yare and Tas. Although the villages there are rapidly growing, becoming dormitories for Norwich, yet between the villages is as rural as ever, crisscrossed with footpaths, green-lanes and farm tracks. Excellent walking.  The foxglove was taken alongside a footpath that runs from Somerleyton to Flixton (between Yarmouth & Lowestoft) as were many of the previous tree photos.

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7 Responses to Rhapsody In Pink

  1. karen says:

    Beautiful photos. Aren’t we lucky to have such beautiful wild flowers in the uk. Thanks for sharing

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  2. Brian Bixby says:

    My favorites are the hedge climber and first mallow, btw.

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    • crimsonprose says:

      The honeysuckle? Only both the rose and the honeysuckle clamber up through the hedges. That day we walked from Fritton Decoy to Flixton Decoy, mostly along the Waveney but via Somerleyton, it seemed everywhere were these sweet smelling climbers. Yet the best photos were those I’d taken the week before. And I agree on the mallow. That did come out rather well. And notice the wildlife I included (the bee), so you couldn’t say all my photos are ‘still life’. I even captured a ‘moving’ yacht in the previous post!

      Liked by 1 person

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