In Days Of Old . . .

In Days Of Old

In days of old . . . .

In days of old when knights were bold
And a daughter’s love by her father was sold
A suitor’s rejection caused a change of direction
To a distant city there to curl in self pity

Slowly the years pass him by
Till dire happenings cause the days to fly
Egg him to live this life he’s been given
(with an afterlife, hopefully, spent in heaven)

Returns he then to his love, with hope regained, to plight his troth
And she, woefully widowed, again sees his worth
With arms and heart open to unexpected joy
Though her suitor’s no longer a handsome boy

But now . . .

What a shit!

What a shit!

In our ‘enlightened’ days when a man’s rejected
him sobbing, he’ll  love her always, and bleakly dejected
She snaps, ‘You blubbering wimp, just get over it.’
And what can we say but, ‘What a shit.’


About crispina kemp

Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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8 Responses to In Days Of Old . . .

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    You forgot the disclaimer,
    “This is a work of fact, with or without tact,
    Labelled as fiction to avoid all friction.
    Disguised are the parties, and not even you smarties,
    Can figure who’s who, therefore can’t sue!”

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