The Fallen Angels

FF_Supplement_Fallen_Angels“Ah-ha!” exclaimed Dr Filbert. “Now we find the buried treasure.” He had been trawling through a dust-covered arch-lever binder, the notes within the work of his now-deceased wife.

Neve leaned forward, the better to see while he read aloud from the purpled words.

“Feeling chuffed at His making of Adam, God called for His angels to gather around him. ‘Look!’ He said. ‘Isn’t this the most exquisite creation?’ And He bid them bow low in admiration.

“The angels of love readily fell to their knees. But those angels led by Azazael just plain refused. God beetled his brows. ‘You dare disobey me?

“Azazael hitched his trousers before he answered, ‘Why should we, the sons of pure fire and light, fall down before this, of muck and water?‘ Which somewhat pissed-off our Mighty Lord.

“’Be banished!‘ God bellowed and caused a storm. ‘And may your feet forever be mucky and wet, to remind you of your audacity.’

“And with an almighty thrust, He kicked Azazael and his 200 angels from Heaven.”


Although the story of Neve was the first Asaric Tale I posted, chronologically it is the last in the Asaric Series. To read the rest of the quoted chapter, see Be Banished, He Bellowed

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