Alsalda Gene Trees (Part 6…Traders Holds)

Of all the characters in the Gene Trees, it is those of the Ulvregan Traders Holds who are most likely to  be there at the end. As with the other Gene Trees, these will remain available on the Alsalda Menu. These are arranged alphabetically.

Bukplugn's Hold (post massacre)

Burnise's Hold (post massacre)

Duneld's Hold (post massacre)

Erleldn's Hold (post massacre)

Jitnebn's Hold (post massacre)

Luktosn's Hold (post massacre)

Mandatn's Hold (post massacre)

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2 Responses to Alsalda Gene Trees (Part 6…Traders Holds)

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    I expect at some point I will have to print these all out and look over them to get more of the feel for the social organization.

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    • crimsonprose says:

      Well, they will remain on the top menu. Though I agree, having them in print form does help. And they are very revealing of the social organisation. It says something of the traders’ holds that some have married more Alsime and Hiemen than Uestin wives. Also, to be allied to a king’s family through marriage . . .whichever of the three kings that might be. When read at that level these charts shout of the politics involved. Again, that becomes essential.

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