Alsalda Gene Trees (Part 5…Granaries)

There follows the full set of gene trees. Though this means some are repeated from previous posts at least they’re now all in one place. And of the characters here, in the coming weeks, some will became important players, while some will quietly fade away. A bit like life, really. But these charts will remain available on the Alsalda Menu (top bar).


Sapasan's Isle (post massacre)

Gene Tree: Bajapa's Isle (post massacre)

Ablabran's Isle (post massacre)

Bisdathea's Isle (post massacre)

Bridatha's Isle (post massacre)

Bukfreh's Isle (post massacre)

Hamfala's Isle (post massacre)

Sinya's Isle (post massacre)

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2 Responses to Alsalda Gene Trees (Part 5…Granaries)

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    It says something that the form of literature in my library that most commonly has genealogical trees is the Icelandic family saga.

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