Beginners Guide to Who’s Who in Alisalm-Land

An ALSALDA Supplement

Remember that map of Alisalm-Land I posted way back in the heat of summer? It showed nine granaries and seven traders holds. Characters from each of these will figure in some way as the tale of Alsalda unfolds (Click to start at Episode 1). To guide you through the unfamiliar names and their complex alliances, I shall be posting a series of gene-trees at relevant points. The gene-trees also make clear the Granary’s quirky rule of inheritance.

So, the first gene-tree . . .

Ardy's Isle Gene Tree


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2 Responses to Beginners Guide to Who’s Who in Alisalm-Land

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    Did I ever mention I read a novel a few years back whose main plot is the protagonist sorting out her family tree? This was Lauren Groff’s “The Monsters of Templeton.” Many of the chapters end with a tree revised by what she learned in that chapter.

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    • crimsonprose says:

      I think I would enjoy that. In all the Asaric stories I have started with an outline idea (it begins . . . it ends . . . ) the main characters, and gene-trees. Those genealogies, in themselves, inspire the subplots. They also define the culture. To me, they are an essential. But, be advised: I have included far more ‘relatives’ at each of the isles and holds than ever appear in the story as characters—and that for the reason said above.

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