Map of Alisalm-Land

Because you won’t find Alisalm-Land on Google Maps here is one I made earlier.

Map of Alisalm-Land

The lettered blue circles (A-G) are Ulvregan trader’s holds (followers of Priory Project will be familiar with the concept of Ulvregan traders); the yellow numbered circles (1-9) are granary isles (followers of Priory Project will also be familiar with that concept).

With even a cursory glance at this map followers of Priory Project ought to notice the increase in granaries (from 3 to 9). You might also correctly infer that Alsalda (the story, not the Alisime Mother, Spirit Bear) is set at some progressed date. You might ask how many years now have passed. The same question is asked by the granary keepers. Answers vary. 500 years? 1,000? 1,500?

I’m afraid I can’t tell you. ‘Dig’ as they may (or survey with geo phys), no archaeologist will ever uncover the remains of this culture . . . though they might find something similar. For this doesn’t belong to  our world. But for those who demand an historical setting, the Alisalm of Alsalda is currently experiencing an Early/Middle Bronze Age.

And don’t panic about finding the map later, when you might actually need it. You’ll find a link to this post above, on the menu bar, under ‘Alsalda’ (where you’ll also chapter links should you need to refer back.)

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2 Responses to Map of Alisalm-Land

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    Ooooh, you’ve been reorganizing.

    Maps are always useful, especially to people such as myself who don’t visualize directions from descriptions.

    And I’m waiting to see which figures from the Priory Project have become legends to later centuries. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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