Water, Woods, Walks and Well-being

The forecast said ‘Overcast, clearing later. Temp.max.8°.’ But the cloud cover cleared early and by the time we stopped for lunch the early sun coupled with lack of wind had caused a soar in temperature. A most unseasonal 18°. This is the East of England, after all.

It wasn’t the first walk of the season. Neither was it exceptionally long (10miles). But it was road-walking. While road-walking has the advantage of speed, it does tend to jar the joints. Usually the next day I’m suffering. But not this time. Another indication of improved health situation.

Last October I promised an update on the diabetes/adrenal syndrome situation. I had already reduced my blood sugars levels dramatically, but I’d not had a wide-sweep check. That was to come in 6 months time. Well, the results now are in.

Blood sugars, 31 mml/mol (have I got that right? Anyway, ultra low) I’m now off medication. One more blood test in 3 months time and if the sugars remain down the GP will remove the diabetes flag from my record.

Also, thyroid normal. Liver and kidney function normal. Blood salts, normal and balanced. Serum cholesterol was high, but so was the HDL, and the GP was happy with it because 1: my blood pressure remains low (like stupidly low) and 2: inflammation zero.

This last factor delights me. One hits a certain age when the matter of heart-health begins to intrude upon life. Alas, with reluctance I have reached that age. But ‘inflammation zero’ indicates ultra-clean arteries—which is the very best of news. The other implication is that my gut is no longer reacting to gluten (which is now totally out of my diet) and therefore is absorbing all the good nutrients I give it.

So, in answer to last year’s question. Yes, I am cured. By changing to an EXTREMELY low carb diet (paleo), and with regular dance-aerobics—which anyway is my love (playlist included at the end of this post)—and weight-training (love those endorphin highs), plus plenty of walking (sunlight=vitD, stamina), I have proven it possible to reverse what for so many people becomes a deteriorating and ultimately fatal disorder. And that in just nine months! And that is the real reason for this post. I’m nothing special, I’m not young, I even have CFS (though now reverted to mild) and if I can recover my health then so can others can. I wish them well.

But back to the walk . . . we chose the Broads. With living on the doorstep it might seem a natural choice. But, fact is, the Broads area generally isn’t kind to the hiker. Oh, plenty of quaint olde worlde villages with an abundance of top-heavy thatched roofs (which now is being used on modern builds too, now that everyone has central heating and the fire risk is nil). But no footpaths (or very few), and very few places where the walker comes close to the water. But I did manage to take a few pics.

Malthouse Broad

Malthouse Broad: here we had lunch.

A Norfolk Country Road

Oh the joys of an uncluttered road! Not a car, van or lorry in sight. And so it remained
But I took the photo for the sake of the oak tree.

Oak before Ash, in for a splash.
Ash before Oak, in for a soak.

The ash, so far, are still in black buds!


A Broadland Hill

Norfolk is flat, everyone knows that (but it’s not, though it does lack mountains).
The Broads’ area especially resembles a pancake—except occasionally you’ll find like a bump like this.

Broad Norfolk

I couldn’t resist this signage (on a gate to a village hall)
It’s in the (broad) Norfolk dialect, in case you’re wondering.
Can’t figure it? Think long ‘drawn-out’ vowels.

Oh, and where did we walk? From Acle to Wroxham, by all the back roads (via Fishley, Upton, Pilson Green, South Walsham, Ranworth, Woodbastwick and Salhouse). We had to keep going, after Acle there’s no public transport till Salhouse!

Dance Aerobics Playlist

New York City . . . TRex
Warm-up with an exaggerated and fluid walk (like you’d never use in the street!);
all body parts moved [4:22 mins]

Mony Mony . . . Billy Idol
Concentrates on upper body, stretches, high 5s, alternating with a mock-gallop that’s a real ab-crunch [5:02 mins]

One Way Or Another . . . Blondie
The equivalent of changing from jog to sprint. Legs brought wide of the body, great for inner thighs and butts [3:36 mins]

Rag Mama Rag . . . The Band
Keeping the heat up, but with legs brought over the body; great for butts and thighs [3:03 mins]

Boom Shack-A-Lak . . . Apache Indian
Remember the twist? And hoola hoops? Action’s kinda the same: a total grind of the hips, alternating with pelvis tilts. Great for the waist, the stomach, the butt, and those vital pelvic floor muscles. [4:34 mins]

Tiger Feet . . . Mud
(I love this one, it’s so energising) But how to describe? It’s a kind of exaggerated foot jive alternating with high kicks with wide thrashing of arms—every part of the body used. Though it’s the continuous rate that counts (it really does raise bp, respiration and pulse and works up a sweat) it’s another that’s good for all parts south of the neck. [3:50 mins]

Rebel Yell . . . Billy Idol
Cool down. Much like NYC TRex for warm-up, an exaggerated fluid walk but now with a tad more energy applied; all body parts moved [4:49 mins]

Total time: 30 mins.
I use this as a warm up to the weights. I have the music on high, the windows open—and head-phones on.

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2 Responses to Water, Woods, Walks and Well-being

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    Naturally (pun intended), my congratulations. And, yes, it was no doubt more picturesque than my Friday subway trips, as well as being healthier!

    Liked by 1 person

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