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What Is It?

Another Neolithic henge? A report by Iris Einstein The henge is one of the most common Neolithic features in the British landscape. But is that what this is? Not just any old circle qualifies as a henge, not even those … Continue reading

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Roots of Rookeri 47

Citadel Lecheni Boteras Rookeri-Sharmin aka Boddy Week Thirty-One Boddy heard, first, Disa calling him, then Jonesi. “Boddy!” another voice called, a man’s. There was a clatter of pikes. Great, yeah, fine: they were his men, though belatedly arming. He craned … Continue reading

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Roots of Rookeri 46

Citadel Lecheni Kalamite, Keefer Papa of the Runman Order Week Thirty-One The two token holden barred Kalamite’s way. And had he expected something other? “I need to speak with the Lafard-Legere. It is urgent.” “You have an appointment?” asked the … Continue reading

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Beastly Facts

(More Useless Facts from Iris Einstein) As already noted, I have a particular obsession with animals’ sex lives. I think it stems from discovering that the hydra keeps its genitals tucked under its chin (so to speak). I Just imagine … Continue reading

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Roots of Rookeri 45

Citadel Lecheni Sifadis Lafdi, Shore House Week Thirty-One Jonesi and Eshe were so long in returning. But, as they said as they burst through the door, this half-day of dark had delayed them. It was beginning, this complex pattern of … Continue reading

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Roots of Rookeri 44

Citadel Lecheni Churen Manse Eshe Parlan, Femella Week Thirty Kunnadi Bachelor, tall, thin and blond, wore the Two Boars’ colours, red and blue. But, as Eshe was quick to notice, his coat and brecks were only of wool. Neither, though … Continue reading

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Immigration Control

  The doors swing wide Their dusty inhabitants no more to hide. The ghouls limp out Too long of bad living affecting their gout. The imps—who shouldn’t have been there Escape from their accidental incarceration last year. A couple of … Continue reading

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