Spring Again

Spring Again

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4 Responses to Spring Again

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    I think I’m becoming a hay fever sufferer, albeit a mild one. Still, I’ll take the foliage waking up.


    • crimsonprose says:

      Amazingly, despite being allergic to everything the modern world can throw at me (detergents, household cleaners, fabric softeners, general traffic pollution, perfumes, cosmetics, etc) I don’t have a problem with hay fever (plants are not manmade products from the modern world). But right now, my eyes feel full of grit, my throat is sore and my ears are painful – and why? Because a warm southerly breeze is wafting red sand from the Sahara and dropping it all across East Anglia. Air pollution levels are right off the scale. Incredible that it can travel so far on such a gentle breeze, but I’d prefer it not to be dropped in my eyes. Apparently it’ll clear by Friday. As for your hay-fever; hay-fever and migraines: nasty. I feel for you. What you need is high blood pressure. The medication for that is an excellent preventative for migraine. Alternatively, don’t use aftershave. 🙂


      • Brian Bixby says:

        Doesn’t sound like a good soil replenishment program, sand from the Sahara.

        My primary care physician is already totaling up my risk factors for stroke and heart attack, so I can’t afford to have high blood pressure added. Though I’ve inadvertently made some attempts at it over the years. Migraines are preferable. 😦


      • crimsonprose says:

        Yea, you’re right. I found, when mine were at their worst, that if I disengaged mind from body, and let the body get on with it, I could drift away into alternative realms. Altered state of consciousness induced through pain! But it worked. But then I had been doing hatha yoga since aged 18, and could quite easily separate. But it got me through the worst years and everybody’s perfumes and monthly estrogen peaks.


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