The Roots of Rookeri – Pre-post Teasers

“Totally Dissimilar To Anything Familiar”

That’s right, the totally dissimilar to anything familiar Roots of Rookeri begins on Tuesday 7th January.

So here are two teasers for you to choose from: One, a Shakespearean take, the other, a ‘Director’s Cut’, Hollywood-style. (All done tongue-in-cheek)

Teaser One

(Alas, poor Shakespeare will be clutching his skull

Two cultures, both cursed with maladiction;
In far Lecheni, where we start our scene,
From ancient signs breaks forth new prediction.
Soon guiltless blood makes guilty hands unclean.

In Raselstad a star-crossed actor cries.
Orphaned, and Council-robbed of valid roots
Results in misadventures counter-wise,
And ire-sharpened writings, resolute.

The fearful passage of conjoining moons,
A continuation of priest’s lost key,
Shore’s heiress scholar daughter lately swoons
And all to heal an ancient ailing tree

The which if you with patience now should read
‘Tis not a tragedy but, as you like it — Comedy

Take 2

One thousand they numbered; united in their rejection of the commercially engendered pollution and greed that had escalated into another world war.(Bang!)

Though claimed as one people at their first landing, the Ridge soon divided them into two distant people: the northern Rothi in their high-walled citadels playing at war-games, and the peace-loving Luban bright in their silks, with their fruits and their spices. Now seldom meeting, they have prejudiced views of each other:

I imagine they have war-engines.
Have they not engines of every sort?
Even I know they have townsteads entirely devoted to their manufacture.
Bound to the Varlet’s Cult, that’s the Luban.
That’s why we Rothi have always disliked them.

Grandma Haspra:
My mother was Rothi; my father brought her over the Ridge.
Oh the big ado there was about that. Years they babbled.
She was a different species, they said, weren’t right the two mixing.
Yet I had two brothers and four sisters who lived.


Now in Raselstad there is Eshe:

Please, Father, would you say it again so I am perfectly clear.
You want me to go to Rothi, to investigate?

Judge Madir:
I want a report on our client’s past demeanour; any crimes, sedition, gambling debts.
We need to know why this Ryal Holde left Lecheni.
You will find his statement in the file, but I want the truth.

But, Father, Rothi is north of the Ridge

Judge Madir:
Oh, I am so glad that my money was not wasted upon your education.

But the Ridge is a dangerous place. The Dragons patrol it. Men return dead.
I might be tall but I still am a woman. And you want me to go there?

Judge Madir:
Did I not preface this clearly? Eshe, my daughter, it is time you progressed.
If you will not marry then you must be my heir.
And you will start by taking on Jilli’s job.


In Lecheni, Kalamite, Keefer-Papa of the Runman Order, is convinced of a plot:

Hadd Leef – Hadden – I preface my tale with an event map, despite I know you have not the knowledge – arcane, esoteric, not given to all. I shall keep it brief.
On the eleventh day of the Witan’s weeks the gods Svara and Murag will form a union, in this same Witan’s duodecimanse. Four days later the Varlet Verth, having retreated the past twenty days, will halt, revolve and thereafter run true.
This will be accompanied by a triple eclipse.

Breken Lafard Legere:
A triple eclipse? Fascinating,
Trefan, do you remember when Master Tredwell told us of these eclipses?
And now we are to see one. A triple, imagine.
And, Kalamite, will this bring triple the hours of darkness of a single eclipse?

Astute, Hadd Leef; you almost could be a runman.
Alas, we cannot say with accuracy though we predict three days of intermittent darkness.

Breken Lafard Legere:
Trefan Ledhere, you must ensure the hamlets are warned – cannot have the people saying crazy things, full of dire warnings and the end of the world.
Mikel-Awis, ensure all in the citadel know.
We thank you, Kalamite Runman, for this prior advice. You did right to press for audience. Now you may go.

Hadd Leef, with respect, if you please.
The eclipse is the least of my news. Without this other that I must say you might not live through it. My runmen have—

Breken Lafard Legere:
Yes, we know of eclipses, runman. You need not fear for us.


Mikel Lafard-Awis:
Breken Lafard Legere Hadd has heard enough,


Breken Lafard Legere:
No, indeed but. We cannot have him leaving here and saying I am deaf to my people. Think of the effects. No, let him speak. But, Kalamite, do keep it short.

Hadd Leef, I thank—yes, short.
When the gods Svara and Murag last conjoined in the Witan’s duodecimanse – some four hundred and fifty years ago – strangers arrived here at Citadel Lecheni and killed the lafard legere. We fear the same could happen again.


And so Sifadis Lafdi, heiress of Shore House, must go to Raselstad and there act as spy:

With respect, Hadd Leef, I would not expect her to go alone.
Could you not spare two holden to accompany her?
Those two at the door, they seem sharp as sprats.

Breken Lafard Legere:
That would be a solution.

Trefan Lafard-Ledhere:
They’re Dryastil’s to command – once his guts have recover. But, aye, I have men available to cover their absence, if it’s agreed that Disa should go.
But I want it recorded, I’m far from convinced of the need. And our runman has yet to say why he thinks Disa in particular would make a good spy.

Hadden Leef – and Bel Hadin, I ask: Who is overlooked in a chamber of people? Who do we not see amongst us?

Sifadis Lafdi:
The runman refers to the scribe.

Aiy, the man of letters and learning. The scholar.

Gowen Lafard-Sivator:
It is true, Hadd Leef, we none heed the scholar. Thus he makes the best spy.

Breken Lafard Legere:
He, aye. But she?

With respect, Hadd Leef, in Luban a woman might be many things that here in Rothi would be ill-considered for her.


But The Roots of Rookeri isn’t their story. It belongs to Boteras Rookeri-Sharmin aka Boddy, actor, dancer, writer, choreographer, master of Raselstad’s Festal Chorus – and sole survivor of Rookeri Gord – who somehow gets mixed up in the middle.

Judge Madir:
Ah yes, Boddy the Playwright. Driving force behind the town’s chorus.
The star – or are you comet? You certainly have the trail of hair.

Is that an official complaint? Only many of the nobles wear their hair as long.

Judge Madir:
But they are not idle. There is a word in the Book, from the Sanskrit, domba: a man of low caste who gains his livelihood by singing and dancing.

Patri, forgive my confusion, you have a problem with that? Yet the Avatar forbids us the worship of wealth. I’d say the chorus, with our timely reminders of the Founders, does more to hold away Mercury’s Curse than do you nobles with your Guilds and Councils. Yet you scorn our services, given for free.

Judge Madir:
Take care, boy – with your feet and your words.

It’s in the Book, Patri, look it up. Mercury, quicksilver – a poison – named for the god of crafts and commerce. Know your demon, sayeth our Lord.

Judge Madir:
We will set that aside for now. There is a second complaint – and I must advise you that the Elect seeks the Council’s order on this.


Tempted to read? Roots of Rookeri begins next week.

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5 Responses to The Roots of Rookeri – Pre-post Teasers

  1. Judy says:

    Yep, tempted!! Is Rookeri pronounced Rookery like a bird nesting site or Roo-kary?? It helps to have my mental pronouncer match the authors intended!! An issue of correctness or maybe flavor?


    • crimsonprose says:

      It’s Roo-kary. I haven’t laboured the origin but if you’re observant you’ll eventually pick up the roots of that word.
      I hope you enjoy. It’s intended as a bit of fun.


  2. Russell says:

    Wow — way to start the new year, CP!


  3. Pingback: This Circular Dance Of Life | crimsonprose

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