This Year, Next Year

WordPress ‘Stats’ tells me that crimsonprose is now one year. Yippee, light the candles candle! And since it’s traditional at the turn of the year to review the past and make plans for the future, this I will do.

Last Year

The most notable development over the past year has been the loss of my pc-phobia. No. I didn’t fear that the pc-tower would take on a strange life overnight, to savagely attack me when o awoke in the morning. Maybe phobia’s too strong a word. Try aversion. But even that’s bizarre considering my first computer was steam-driven –  512k ram, 20mb hard disk, 5¼” floppies. So what had happened that might explain it?

CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome aka ME). If you find yourself yawning you may skip this next paragraph.

What Is CFS?

To many, CFS is still regarded as the perfect excuse for not going to work. That’s ironic, since CFS tends to hit those who have put too much energy into their studies, career, job, hobbies, romance  – life. Then, when the body’s defences are depleted by exhaustion, along comes a virus – any virus – and zap! The virus seems to knobble the body’s mitochondria, present in their thousands in every cell of the body. It’s been discovered that CFS sufferers have a depleted quota of these micro-powerstations, essential for converting stored energy to available energy. Therefore, though the adrenaline flows, the body is unable to use it. Result: unresponsive muscles, cns signals snarled in the system causing pain, and a hyperactive brain. Drenched in adrenaline, the brain cells respond with high anxiety, panic attacks, and sleeplessness (the other reason for that chronic fatigue). 

Me and IT

That heightened anxiety would kick in whenever I anticipated any change to my computer set up (luckily I had an IT engineer acquaintance who kept my machine ticking over, and installed x, y, and z software for me – until about 18 months ago when long story and I never saw him again).

But there I was in November 2012 with a backlog of creative writing and no one reading it. I thought, even if only one other saw it . . . Enter my persistent daughter; “Get it out there,” she nagged. 

Since then I have changed from IE Version Ancient, to Google Chrome, have changed from tower to laptop – which necessitated downloading Chrome and iTunes again (help, what’s my account name, what’s the password?), setting schedules and what’s the language of my keyboard? South African? Don’t ask  – and have now, not one blog, but three. Aversion or phobia this past year has been overcome. Yippee! Nay, double yippee. Nay, let’s push the boat out. Triple yippee!

My Three Blogs

“Even if only one other person reads it . . .” In snowball-fashion, as it has rolled over a snow-field of wordpress readers, crimsonprose has accumulated 91 followers. Okay, so that’s small compared with the monsters out there, but a respectable sized snowmanperson all the same (and I thank every single one of you).

I didn’t expect crimsonprose‘s sibling blog Feast Fables, dedicated to the fantasy trilogy, to match these statistics. And, hey . . . I’ve not been disappointed. Feast Fables has acquired 29 followers, 27 taken from the followers of crimsonprose. “Even if only one other person reads it . . .”  So I’m happy with that.

crimson’s history has been the stunner. Yea, yea, yea, so it has only 8 followers (though only 2 are shared by crimsonprose). Yet 1432 views for just 12 posts? It consistently gets the hits yet I’ve not posted an article there since June of this year. (I am working on one, I promise, only it’s so time-consuming and sleep has to come first – I mean, sleep has to come first, it cannot be resisted).

Next Year

The Blogged Books

Both Neve and Feast Fables (Book 1, Fall Alone), are due to finish around Christmas/New Year. Feast Fables (Book 2, Dark Days) should occupy most of 2014, while ditto for the fantasy Roots of Rookeri, intended to run after to follow upon the conclusion of Neve.


Guest blogger ‘Toli Tall Tales’ might be joined by my friend ‘Iris’, nicknamed Einstein for her many theories.

Anything else is dependent upon inspiration. And since said inspiration so often arrives while I’m washing up, in this coming year, I’d best eat plenty to ensure I’m often up to my wrists in hot soppy suds – speaking of which, I feel a nibble coming on so best I pull this to a close. 

There are, however, two things I’ve yet to do. (1) To thank Brian Bixby of the Sillyverse blog. Not quite my first follower, yet an early joiner; there is scarcely a post across the three blogs that lacks his comment/s. I thank you Brian, for your continued interest, and your tolerance at my insistence on using ‘English’ English, despite what the Google spellchecker wants. (2) To ditto the above to ‘Russel’, a faithful follower despite of late his comments have grown less. I wish you well with your revision of Edward and Amelia.

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10 Responses to This Year, Next Year

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    You’re welcome. And thanks for tolerating my long slog to make up ground I’d lost in reading.

    One of the problems with computers is they are sufficiently complex that one can do something to disrupt use of the system without even realizing it, or knowing how to fix it. It’s a wonder there aren’t more people with the phobia.

    I’ve noticed that some of my nonfiction posts attract a steady stream of hits, probably from people using search engines. For example, the 7th most popular entry on Sillyverse is the review of Kansa’s book on Marjorie Cameron. Even so, your average hits/post on Crimson History is remarkable.

    I look forward to another year of inspiration!


    • crimsonprose says:

      To tell of the events of the past two weeks, with setting up the laptop, and the nasty creatures that came sneaking in disguised as Microsoft-validated software, would require a dedicated blog. But I handled it. Not one tremor of anxiety. I’m feeling chuffed.
      And you’re right about the non-fiction posts attracting hits. Many of those were from Jerningham descendants. I’ve learnt a thing: genealogy is extremely popular. But it’s not that alone. I’ve scanned through the search criteria; I’m probably getting hits from history students writing assignments. That’s why on that blog I am so careful to provide links to verify what I’ve written. And that’s what takes the time, sourcing everything. Which is why I’ve been researching this next post for 4 months, and only now started to write it. And it’s not at all the post I intended way back in June, but is in response to more than one reader. I doubt it will appeal to you; it’s again local history. And I doubt it will be ready much before Christmas.


  2. Russell says:

    Happy anniversary, Crimson! In awe as ever of your output, I wish you another productive year. As much as I regret my absence from your blogs (and Brian’s) I take comfort in the fact that every day, I get a bit closer to finishing E&A, and when I’m done, can take break to catch up on everything you and BB have accomplished.


    • crimsonprose says:

      Yet I do notice the occasional ‘like’, so I know you’re still there. And I often think of you, wondering how the writing is going. I wait with uncharacteristic patience for your emergence from your chrysalis.


      • Russell says:

        Yes, of course I can’t resist stopping by, and I have a pretty good sense of what’s happening with Neve, Kerrid, Martha, et al, from the email versions of each new chapter. It’s terrible to give you and BB such short shrift, I know, by not reading fully, but I can’t help myself from scanning. So, I think of you often, as well, and am very pleased to read of your great progress with CFS, IT and AOB! Thanks so much for your patience — no one is more eager than I am to emerge from the chrysalis.


      • crimsonprose says:

        Well, let’s hope the happy event won’t be too long in coming. Then I shall call you ‘Butterfly Man’. 🙂


  3. Judy says:

    I am certainly glad your daughter nagged!! Good kid!! Because your readers are treated to such a unique voice in storytelling. I’ve read nothing like it and continue to enjoy the amazing flavor of your writing, your intriguing use of words and your characters. The volume of your output and the complex detail you deliver is really incredible. I add my voice to those who greatly look forward to another year of Crimson Prose and I still have catching up to do on what exists here already..and the sister blogs.
    So thanks for a real treat and Happy First Birthday!! I hate to gush but I AM a fan!!


    • crimsonprose says:

      And I hate to gush, but I really appreciate fans like you. I believe I’ve said it before, that everyone involved in creative output needs some kind of feedback. It takes but a moment to click that ‘Like’ button, but to the writer (or, as you, the photographer) it’s the greatest encouragement.


  4. Happy blogiversary. I hope your blog continues to develop and grow in its second year.


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