Neve’s Aid To Genealogy

Anluan son of Maithan  son of Turloch son of Cathal son of Aodh son of Conal son of Eochaid son of Cairthann Finn, King of Munster.

No wonder the training for druids took 21 years. Genealogies, their mainstay, are devilishly difficult in spoken form. The College of Heralds knew this. They recorded in graphic form.

The followers of Neve might be wishing I had provided the same. There have been two chapters in particular that could cause a stumble. Although understanding these genealogies is not vital to  the plot, I did think I ought to illuminate. And so . . .

Neve Episode 19

These genealogies are historically correct – except for that shown in orange. Orange marks it as fictional.

Neve Episode 22

And finally, those troublesome Godwinsson’s sons.

Neve The Godwinssons

I hope this has helped. Regards . . . CP

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4 Responses to Neve’s Aid To Genealogy

  1. Russell says:

    Brilliant! Yggdrasil has nothing on this tree.


  2. Brian Bixby says:

    Ah, now that I’m going back to reread and catch up, these will prove handy . . . and I remember Russell telling me I needed to do something similar for Rebecca’s complicated family in DLS. Fortunately, won’t be needed for MC, as the ties of “blood kin” are straightforward!


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